Best Baits for Hunkered Down Winter Bass

Best Baits for Hunkered Down Winter Bass

When the waters get cold, bass sometimes become content. Their feeding habits slow down due to the slowing of their metabolism during these cold months. Here are 3 great bait choices for enticing big hunkered down bass to bite. Remember, these baits are my choices for when bass have been located and are not venturing too far. They are not great at covering water, but they are great baits when dangled in front of a winter bass’ nose!


The grub is a classic winter bass bait when paired with the right jig or lead/tungsten head. I like to fish as light a weight as I can get away with. The slight wiggle of the tail on a grub offers just enough movement without spooking bass. This action on a light jig or lead/tungsten head will keep the bait in the strike zone longer!

 Shaky Head

A shaky head and soft plastic gets bites all year long and can last all day! I like fishing a flat shaky head and a small floating finesse worm around rocks and hard bottom. Bouncing the bait along the bottom is a great way to target bass that have found hard cover to stick to. 

Finesse Jig

A finesse jig is a great option for ultra versatile fishing when you aren’t sure where the bass will be on any given day. I like the finesse jig because it can often bridge the gap between minimalistic shaky heads, and grubs with motion. The jig can be modified to offer a larger or smaller profile, and can be adorned with smaller or larger profile soft plastics. All-in-all, the finesse jig is a great option for when bass are stationary and picky eaters!

Hopefully this helps you overcome any option paralysis this December and January when you are faced with tight-lipped bass in chilly water. Don’t fret, just locate the fish and slow down your presentation! Now get out and hook a monster! Tight lines! 


Colton Orbaker
Guide, author, teacher, & content creator
Twig N Timber Outdoors

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