3 Underrated Bass Baits to Catch Winter Fish

3 Underrated Bass Baits to Catch Winter Fish

When it comes to winter season bass baits that catch fish, you have a few regulars. However, not many talk about other great baits that catch monster bass during the cold weather, winter season. Here are 3 underrated bass baits for winter fishing that catch ‘em! 

Blade Baits

An old school bait that gets bites! Blade baits are often overlooked for bass fishing, and seen more as a walleye bait up north. Don’t let the old-timers talk you out of tying one on for bass though! Remember, bass will target bait fish like shad, and a white/silver blade bait will imitate a dying shad well! I use it to step my way down drop offs near schools of bait fish. The lighter baits shimmy slowly and get hammered by active bass.

Tail Spinner

A relatively flashy winter bait that can dulled or colored to catch shad-devouring winter fish. Coloring your tail spinner to match your forage fish is always a way to catch some fish! This has been a hot ticket in Texas over the past few years during chilly months. Who knew a white painted hunk of lead with a blade off the back would catch fish? I find that a good set of eyes on the bait helps the bait draw bites.

 Jigging Spoon

A jigging spoon casts a country mile, sinks like a stone, and frankly…. Gets bites! A spoon allows you to stay in the strike zone longer once you’ve located fish. Vertical jig it over schools, or cast as retrieve a spoon for different actions. Be sure to master proper amount of slack in your line to allow the bait to move with the right action to draw bass to bite. 

 Hopefully this helps you break out of the mold we’ve been forced into every winter for decades, and try something new this cold winter bass season! Now get out and hook yourself a monster! Tight lines! 

Colton Orbaker
Guide, author, teacher, & content creator
Twig N Timber Outdoors

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