How to Setup a Baitcasting Reel

How to Setup a Baitcasting Reel

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Using these tips to setup a baitcasting reel with take the fear out of backlashing! Setup the Spool Tension and Braking system correctly to get maximum casting distance and control out of your baitcasting reel!

How to Spool a Baitcaster:

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What's going on everyone - My name is Benjamin Nowak with MONSTERBASS and today's video is another video in our baitcasting series. If you miss video number one, my boy Alex Epperson from Oklahoma's Worst Anglers talks about how to spool up a baitcasting reel to manage your line most effectively. I have linked that video here on the corner for you guys to go check that video out because it's going to teach you guys how to spool up your reel so your baitcasting reel will manage your line most effectively and that's going to be the first step in reducing back lashes.

In this video, we're going to talk about how to set up a baitcast and we all know so you can cast more effectively, get maximum distance, but still not backlash as much as possible. So before we do that, we have to understand how a baitcasting reel is actually set up.  This is a Lew’s Tournament Pro Reel. Opposite the handle, you're going to have some sort of control system. This is a magnetic control system. And what that means is there are magnets in this reel that will get closer or further from the spool depending on where you set it on this side plate which is going to control the end of your cast.

So when you first take a baitcasting reel out, I recommend turning that to the max setting until you get most comfortable. And we're going to talk about how to set this up throughout this video. A couple of other reels on the market also have a centrifugal braking system, which is actually going to be inside of this casing. You can adjust that with little pins on the inside.

Now, right next to the real handle itself, you're going to have what's called a spool tension knob. That's going to control how freely and loosely this spool will spin when you hit the thumb bar.  So for example, with my current settings, when I hit the thumb bar and I pull on that, this, the speed that I'm able to spin, this spool is controlled by that spool tension knob. So when you first take a baitcasting reel and you put line on that, a lot of times I recommend tightening this all the way down. So when you hit the thumb bar, the line comes off very slowly. When you hit that thumb bar, it actually doesn't go down at all. Now to set this up properly, what I recommend is backing off the spool tension knob first, and you want it to just barely start to spin, and that's when your Bay is falling very slowly to the bottom. Now when you're casting a reel, you're going to use your thumb as as the control system. But setting the spool tension knob is extremely important.

So if I back up and I'll show you guys the bait, when I hit that thumb bar, that bait falls very slowly to the ground like so. So that's how you're going to set your spool tension knob. Now what I recommend is backing off the magnetic control to about, I dunno, eight or nine, and this is going to control the end of the cast. So when you're at the very end of your cast, how much of that spool or how much freeness does that spool still have? So a little tip for you guys, spool tension is at the beginning of the cast. Magnetic brick and control controls the end of your cast. So when I go to make a cast now with my spool tension knob set correctly and may magnetic braking set correctly, I can cast without getting a backlash. The spool stopped because my baitcasting reel was set up properly. And by using these settings, by using these tips, you will have a lot more success phishing, a baitcasting reel, and basically minimizing the amount of backlash is that you guys get. Now, if you have any questions on how to set up this reel, please let me know in the comment section below. Again, my name is Benjamin Nowak and I encourage you guys if you haven't already, check out MONSTERBASS box. And as always I'll catch you guys next time.

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