3 Tips To Becoming A Better Bass Fisherman

3 Tips To Becoming A Better Bass Fisherman

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In a competitive world, being better is great. When it comes to bass fishing, being better often means being more successful. Here are a few tips for increasing the rate in which you become better at catching fish.

Surround yourself with talent… Just like anything else in life, I try to follow the model of “being the least talented person in the room”. What I mean by this, is by surrounding yourself with great anglers more frequently, you will be better exposed to the necessary information and attitude necessary to learn at a faster rate. For those lucky enough, try to fish with great anglers as well as spend time with them off the water. Learn from them as much as they’re willing to teach you.

Dish out some dough… Friends will often help you or teach you a few things here and there, but if you want some serious instruction or lessons then prepared to pay a guide. A fishing guide’s sole job on any given trip is to help you find and get on fish. If you want to learn something specific (technique or method) on your trip, communicate with the guides you are researching before your trip. Any good guide will work with a client to provide you an experience and not just fish. The entire day will then be dedicated to what it is you want to learn or do. 

Do your homework… Before even gearing up to get on the water, find some good local resources online that detail the water you intend on fishing. In addition, study up on the different tackle those resources suggested. Use good resources like MonsterBass to familiarize yourself with the techniques or baits even better. 

Practice, practice, practice… And now we’ve come to the part of the list everyone dreads hearing. You have to practice. Although this isn’t the fastest way to get better, it is the only must-do tip. You can read and soak in all the information humanly possible in the word of bass fishing, but without practicing the craft, you will not internalize any of it.

So my suggestion would be to incorporate all of the tips above to better learn and grow as an angler. So get out there and catch a monster! Tight lines!

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  • Where do you live? I love to bass fish, I’m near Tulsa, Ok.

    Fred B |
  • Good advice, I wish I had someone I could actually fish with, work with one on one but, I don’t really. I don’t know anyone to even go fishing with me, much less someone who knows what they’re doing. Can’t afford to pay a guide and there isn’t one within a hundred miles of me anyway- I would have to go off somewhere and stay for a while, pay the guide, etc.- too much both time and money I don’t have. So it’s trial and error and on line guidance- and Monsterbass helps tremendously- guys like Alex Rud, Oklahoma’s Worst Angler (don’t know his name)- When you guys send a box it shows me what baits I should be fishing this time of year, in this region- and then these guys do vids on how to rig and fish the stuff- perfect.

    John Seals |
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