MONSTERBASS vs Lucky Tackle Box - The Battle of the Boxes!

Sep 18, 2019 14 Comments Fishing Tips

Who will be crowned the Fishing Subscription Box Champion in this epic showdown? In today's heavyweight matchup, we unbox the September 2019 Lucky Tackle Box BassXL box and one of the Regional Pro Series boxes from MONSTERBASS.

We give you a 100% fact based walkthrough and then leave it to you, the viewer at home, to form their own opinion and then crown a champion. Will it be Lucky Tackle Box or will MONSTERBASS reign supreme?

Comment below and name your Champion. After 1 week we'll tally the votes and crown a champion.

Video Transcript:
Alrighty. Alrighty folks. How's it going? It's Rick at MonsterBass and today, today we're going to have a little bit of fun with some unboxing. Rather than unboxing and tell you about it, I'm going to walk you through both boxes. Then for those of you watching at home, your job is to crown a champion. Your job is to tell us which box is the champion. All right?

So, let's get started. This is the 2019 edition for Lucky Tackle Box in MonsterBass. Got my card. First bait, Krave baits. Looks like a deep diver. It says it's exclusively sold at Fishing Depot USA, is a website that's not working. But, it is a Lucky Tackle Box owned website. So, my only guess is this may be a Lucky Tackle Box brand, because I can't find it anywhere on the internet so, I'm not quite sure. Phenom Lures. So, Phenom Lures is a second label by a company called Bait Rigs, out of Wisconsin. Down-Home Lures. It's a popper. Down-Home Lures is also a label by Bait Rigs. Wavelength Lures. It's another label by Bait Rigs. Rippn-Lips. It's weight bait. This is another label by Bait Rigs. Locals. This looks like it's a hard frog, crankbait. I'm not sure if this is another label by Bait Rigs or a brand by Lucky Tackle Box. I can't find it anywhere on Google. There's no web address so, I can't tell you anything about it. And then finally some a Mustad KVD round bend trebles.

MonsterBass. I got my card and some stickers. Let's go through this. Strike King Elite Bleeding Spinner bait. Live Target Sunfish Swim bait. Norman Lures Deep Diving crankbait. Savage Gear 3D bat. XZone 6" Deception Worms. Zman Minos. Some Power Lock worm hooks from Mustad. And finally, the KVD Toad Buzz bait.

There you have it. Both boxes for the month of September. Now it's up to you. Folks, if you're playing at home, your job now is to go and vote down below. We want to hear from you. Who is the heavyweight champion for September, 2019. Is it MonsterBass or is it Lucky Tackle Box? You decide. Comment down below. Pick one, because I can only hand out the title to one of these two brands. So, until next month. I'll see you guys later. Have a great day. 

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