April Unboxing: MONSTERBASS Regional Pro Series vs Lucky Tackle Box Bass XL

April Unboxing: MONSTERBASS Regional Pro Series vs Lucky Tackle Box Bass XL

This month's video is sponsored by COVID-19. I'm quarantined at home but thankfully my Lucky Tackle Box and MONSTERBASS boxes arrived so I could make this video.

All prices are confirmed via Tackle Warehouse and then via the manufacturer's own website. As always I walk you through both boxes without judgement and then let you form your own opinions.

  • Lucky Tackle Box contained... 2 packs of soft plastics, 2 hard baits and 3 packs of terminal tackle.

  • MONSTERBASS contained... 3 packs of soft plastics, 4 hard baits and 1 pack of terminal tackle.

NOTES: Both companies ship multiple versions of their boxes and I can only unbox what I receive.

  • Lucky Tackle Box overinflated the prices of 3 out of the 7 items in the box.
Stay safe. We appreciate all of you.
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Video Transcript

Welcome to this month's side-by-side unboxing, the corona edition. Going to walk you through Lucky Tackle Box, first. You know the routine. They put in a Senshi prop bait, pack of mullet from Productive, a sample pack of a craws from Gambler, a Lunkerhunt Popping Frog, and three packs of terminal tackle from Mustad. The only thing worth noting is that they overinflated the price of the crack and Popping and Frog from 4.99 to 6.99, and then, they put the full price of the Gambler lewers, even though it was a sample pack.

Monsterbass. Strike King Tour Braid, Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider, KVD 2.5 jerkbait, strike probe. Oh, wait, the KVD 2.5 was a square bill. The strike probe is a good bait. We got the new net Ocho, a full pack, full pack of the Z-Man TRDs, a full pack of the Rojas Fighting Frogs from Big Bite Baits, some terminal tackle from Daiichi, and a sticker.

It should be noted that both companies probably have multiple versions of the box. I can only compare the two boxes that I received. I'll leave it up to you to decide which one you think is the better box. Have a great day.

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