BASSHIK HELLBOY Shallow Crankbait (Don't Make The Same MISTAKES I Did!)

BASSHIK HELLBOY Shallow Crankbait (Don't Make The Same MISTAKES I Did!)

Learn more about this amazing shallow diving crankbait by Basshik in today's video! Shallow diving cranks are great at drawing bass in with loud sounds and erratic action. Get more reaction strikes thanks to these bass fishing tips from Alex aka @Oklahoma’s Worst Angler

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Video Transcript:

Alex Epperson:
What's up guys. Welcome back to the Monster Bass Channel. I am Oklahoma's Worst Angler, Alex Epperson, thanks for being here. Now today, as you can tell by the title, we're talking about the Hellboy from Basshik. This sick little crank bait... I say a little, it's a pretty good size, sick crank bait from Basshik. Check out the paint on this guy. This is the Molting Craw paint scheme on this guy right here. So, talking about the Hellboy today, talking about its unique design. They dropped an L-shaped bill on this guy right here, because this crank bait in particular is going to be one of your shallow runners, zero to three foot, not quite a wake bait, but can be at a slow roll. This crank bait in particular long slender design is going to have a really tight wobble through that top of the water column. Great for cold water right now, it's going to be a killer around springtime as well. Super excited about this crank bait, had some good luck with it, took it out fishing this past weekend, awesome action in the water.

Alex Epperson:
Now, before I roll that footage of catching the fish on this, what I want to talk about is something that I learned out fishing this past weekend. Now, I was out there fishing and one thing I noticed when I was throwing this, I was throwing this on what I usually throw my crank baits on, like my square bills or anything like that right now. And almost throwing them on my favorite Pro Series 7'3" heavy, which is kind of like a heavy to medium heavy, but a fast-action rod. What I noticed is I was missing a few bites on this crank bait in particular. And right now, what I want to tell you guys is I think the best technique that you can do if you're going to be throwing a crank bait, a square bill, a lipless, anything like that, is to throw it on a moderate action.

Alex Epperson:
Now, the reason I say that is right now with it being colder, those fish being cold, those bites are going to be very subtle. I had some of the best luck this past weekend throwing a lipless on this rod right here, on my favorite Phantom Phat Glass. It is a glass cranking rod, it's in moderate action. This is a medium heavy [inaudible 00:02:25] to one eighths ounce. But what I noticed like I said, with those fish being so subtle and such soft bites, what I was getting more than anything on this rod was the rod loading and hooking those fish up pretty much by itself.

Alex Epperson:
I think that I was missing more fish because I was not throwing this on that rod. I should've made the adjustments and I didn't, so learn from my mistakes. But, this lure right here, crazy tight wobble, great action in the water. You guys can see it right here. Rolling through the water, nice and tight, super loud, very shallow [inaudible 00:03:05] crank bait. Like I said, you can rip this, you can jerk it, you can slow roll it, you can burn it. You can do whatever you want, it's going to rip through grass like freaking champ. Great action to it, great colors from Basshik, Tons of colors right now.

Alex Epperson:
Now on the Monster Bass website, you guys can save at least 20% right now with code Save20, okay? So, you can pick up a Hellboy for 20% off right now, half ounce crank bait, great shallow runner. Again, if crank baits are not in your real house right now, and you're waiting for springtime to come around to be throwing those shallower ones, snatch these up, snatch some of these up right now while you can for that discount. Great little crank bait. Let's go and show the fish that I caught on this crank bait right now. There we go. Oh. There you go.

Alex Epperson:
So right now, if you guys are in the wintertime, you know, colder water temps, especially down South, we can still kind of power fish a little bit right now, I'm telling you, I think you're going to have better success by throwing these on a moderate action rod. Don't make the mistakes I did, learn from my mistakes, okay? I was lucky enough to hook up that good size fish on this guy right here by throwing it on that fast action rod. Now again, moderate action is going to do your whole lot better with this guy right here. It rips through the grass like a freaking champ. Sometimes guys get a little hesitant throwing moderate action [inaudible 00:05:07] run through grass, it'll pull right through there. That L-shaped bill is he going to plow through it. These Mustad hooks it got on here, super sticky, great crank bait for Monster Bass and Basshik. Save20 and get at least 20% off. You might be able to save more right now, I don't know what kind of deals are going on. Hop over to the Monster Bass website and check them out.

Alex Epperson:
Guys, that's it from me. I appreciate you watching very much. If you would do so, go check out my channel. Subscribe to Monster Bass, give the video a thumbs up, drop a comment down below. I'll see you guys next time-

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