August 2019 Pacific Northwest Regional Pro Series

August 2019 Pacific Northwest Regional Pro Series

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Video Transcript
Hey, good morning guys. It's Rick from MONSTERBASS. Today I'm going to take it through the Pacific Northwest box for August 2019. As you know, at MONSTERBASS, region and season matter. We don't send you boxes of random baits like everyone else. We pick baits that are specific to the conditions of the area of the country that you're fishing because we believe that that's really important and that's why people subscribe to MONSTERBASS because we hand pick the baits for the conditions that you're currently facing.

Let's go through the box. Now, we give you a card; breaks down a little bit about each bait. We give you some stickers. All right, let's go through these things. Let's go through some of the soft plastics. First thing you'll notice about our soft plastics, these aren't sample packs. These are full packs. We got Z-Man StreakZ. We got some Great Lakes frogs, Xzone muscle back craws. We've got some hooks that pair with a soft class six. That's the other thing that we do. We always make sure that the hooks pair with some of the soft plastics. We got a Wizard custom brushed jig. We've got a Savage geared duck. We got a Strike King buzz toad and we got a LIVETARGET sunfish swimbait.

All in all, about 50 bucks worth of products. Specific to that region and the season that you're currently in. If you've got any questions about the box or about what we do as a company, comment down below. I'm happy to answer them all for you and if you like what you saw, sign up, give it a shot. I'm pretty confident that you'll like everything that we send you.

Have a great day.

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