Quick Tips On Toads vs Frogs - Which Is Best To Use And When?

Quick Tips On Toads vs Frogs - Which Is Best To Use And When?

Pressure, pressure, pressure! A lot can dictate which topwater presentation is best for your situational needs, but one of the big factors you need to take note of is fishing pressure. 


“Frogs are better…”

When pressure is hot and the water isn’t raging, then slow down your presentation to give the fish something different to look at. Long pauses and purposeful rod twitches will trigger a bass to react. Hollow body frogs excel in these high pressure times as well as during certain times of the year. I’ve found that frogs deliver big blow ups over the summer and into early fall, while it may not be the better option in early spring or winter for topwater fishing.


“Toads are king…”

Open water with sparse vegetation allow the toad’s legs to kick and create reaction strikes that rival the best summer topwater frog blowups. Toads are typically suited for covering water better than a hollow body frog. That means that although a HB frog is better at isolating structure, a toad covers water faster and more efficiently. Additionally, toads are easier to cast and can be fished over vast mats and pads. Covering water and making your presence known is the name of the game with toads.

Whether you choose to fish a toad or a frog, expect an exciting bite if you fish it well. Get out and hook into a monster!

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