Creature Bait 101 - Best 3 Ways to Rig ‘Em

Creature Bait 101 - Best 3 Ways to Rig ‘Em

Creature Bait 101 - Best 3 Ways to Rig ‘Em

Creature baits are an easy soft plastic profile to fish for beginners and expert anglers alike. There are a few main staples that if followed, could prove key in putting the next monster bass in your boat!

3. Shaky Head  Let’s take this well known finesse tactic to the next level by adding a heavier weight head, and a creature bait like the Strike King Rage Bug. Using this rig as a “power fishing” technique by hopping or swimming the bait (almost like a jig) is an efficient way to cover lots of different water!

2. Carolina Rig  This is probably one of the most straightforward riggings for open water fishing. You have a straight shank hook with a split shot 12-18 inches above the bait. This is an extremely effective system that when rigged well, allows great movement in the appendages of different creature baits! I like fishing a bait with lots of dangling appendages, and paddles that wiggle or flutter. One downside to the system, is that it is often much more difficult to fish a Carolina rig in tight places, or in tight cover. A small downside however, to a great rig for a creature bait.

1. Texas Rig (T-Rig)   Perhaps the “king” when it comes to rigging creature baits, the Texas rig (or t-rig) is, and has been, a staple in the bass fishing world since its inception. Both pegged and unpegged techniques are simple and effective in drawing eager bass in to commit. I like a 4/0 EWG with a larger Strike King Rage Bug in green pumpkin as a primary bait I have tied on almost all year.

Remembering that a creature bait is not a one trick pony may help add a few more pounds to your bag! Try to get creative and think “outside the box” with how you rig up your creature bait! Tight lines, and go catch yourself a monster bass!

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