Top 5 BEST Father’s Day Gifts to Help Dad Catch a MONSTER BASS

Top 5 BEST Father’s Day Gifts to Help Dad Catch a MONSTER BASS

Top 5 BEST Father’s Day Gifts to Help Dad Catch a MONSTER BASS

Help show your lifelong angling mentor some love this Father’s Day by providing dad with some new gear or standby essentials that will improve his time on the water! These 5 items will be sure to help dad catch a MONSTER BASS on Father’s Day!

A new baitcasting reel!  Dad may be old school, but all guys like new tech and gear that pushes their fishing to the next level! Check out upgrading his bass fishing reel lineup with a Baitcasting reel from 13 Fishing, like their Concept A, or a Lew’s BB1 for long smooth casts. He may bird’s nest it a few times, but it will give you something to heckle him about when you are out on the water!

A new tackle box!  I’m not talking about the boxes of old necessarily… I mean any type of tackle organization system that allows dad to spend less time searching for baits, and more time casting them! Check out the Crank Canvas Classic Pro Tackle Organizer for a great example of how the old clunky tackle boxes are becoming a thing of the past.

Tried & true gear that lands giants!  A newly upgraded spinning reel will bring dad back to the glory days this Father’s Day. Buying dad an upgraded spinning reel to replace his old Shakespeare might get him out on the water more frequently due to nostalgia alone! Upgrading dad’s reel to something like the bulletproof Pflueger President is always a safe bet, and he will most likely already know how to use it!

His memory is aging!  With ol’ pops getting older by the day, he may start to appreciate technology that makes his life on the water easier. The Anglr Bullseye system allows dad to track all the locations and fish he catches this Father’s Day, all with the press of a button. The device is affordable, and may allow you to finally uncover where dad’s secret spots are he’s been hiding all his life!

The Best Baits, and the #BETTERBOX  A subscription to Monsterbass is a sure-fire way to show dad you care about his bait selection. He may think he knows everything bass fishing, but our pros may be able to teach the old dog some new tricks! Give your dad the gift of killer baits, and even better knowledge this Father’s Day with a subscription to the #BETTERBOX and go catch a Monster!

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