Give MONSTERBASS A 2nd Chance And Get These Brands

Give MONSTERBASS A 2nd Chance And Get These Brands

If you're watching this video it's because you recently cancelled your MONSTERBASS subscription.

I'm sorry to see you go and would like to try and win back your business. In this video I'll tell you every brand that will be featured in our May boxes so you can decide if it's worth giving us a 2nd chance.

Heck, I'll even discount your subscription to make it easier to come back.

Watch this video and If you decide you want to give us another chance, i'll hook you up with $5 off.  Just click here and ask support to reactivate activate your subscription and apply a $5 discount to your account.  No discount code needed.

Just copy and paste the text below into your email and send it to and they'll do the rest...

"Please reactivate my monthly subscription for the Mand apply a $5 discount to my subscription price for as long as I remain active.  Thank you."

Rejoin Now click here

Next month we will feature baits from the following brands in our boxes...

  • B8Labs (exclusive)
  • Chasebaits (exclusive)
  • Savage Gear
  • Rabid Baits (exclusive color)
  • Booyah
  • Strike King
  • Lifted Jigs
  • Z-man
  • Gene Larew
  • SuperK Jigs
  • Stanley Jigs
  • Bomber Lures
  • Sandbar Tackle

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