Every Brand In The May Box Revealed

Every Brand In The May Box Revealed

If you want to know what brands we're going to feature in the May boxes... then watch this video.

I'll tell you every single brand that we are going to feature in next month's box and even show you some of the baits that you'll receive. If you're getting one of our competitor's boxes, pay close attention to the brands we feature and ask yourself if your box stacks up with ours.

Every month we feature the top brands and we are the original themed and regional box. Only the best baits make it into a MONSTERBASS box.

If you're looking to take your game to the next level and get baits that are hand-picked to the area of the country where you live and fish then sign up for MONSTERBASS.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, how's it going? It's Rick from MONSTERBASS. We're halfway through the month of April. For most of you, you've already gotten your box. If you haven't, we ship every single day, unlike some of our competitors where you sign up and then you've got to wait until like the 10th of every month. We literally ship every day. So sign up today, your box ships within 48 hours. Why 48 hours? Because if you screw up on your address and you need us to make a change, if I've already shipped the box, there's nothing I can do for you. 48 hours, we ship your boxes. This month we shipped about 20 different versions of the boxes because A, you guys are buying them like crazy and B, we want to make sure that we're sending out really great configurations.

So, I want to tell you a little bit about the box. I want to talk about next month. I'm going to give you a sneak peek. I'm going to tell you every brand that we're going to feature next month. And if you're with one of our competitors, I want you to look at our list of brands that we're going to feature in the box and ask yourself, "Am I getting the same quality with my box company?"

This month's box. As I told everyone, I was jacked, I'm super excited about frog season, so I send everyone these awesome frogs from Blitz Lures. We sent you some hooks from Daiichi. We sent you the Headbanger RockerHead, which was an exclusive to MONSTERBASS, no one else has ever been able to carry this. And that's meant to be paired perfectly with the Gambler Lures, the craws, those are dope. You got a KVD 2.5 square bill, a reaction straight buzzbait. I had Strike King, tour grade braid, and then last but not least, I got this Caney spinner bait, which is pretty dope. It's got two different colored blades. It's got some red beads, really nice spinner bait.

Now, I know that a lot of you guys who are like, "Oh, I want the Z-Man." Don't worry, I got enough of these coming, everybody's going to get this in their box. Every regional series box will have this in the month of June. I got you guys covered. Don't worry about it.

All right, let's move straight over to next month. I couldn't be more excited. We got three exciting baits that every regional pro series box is going to have. It's going to start with Bait Labs, so about a couple months ago, we feed your Bait Labs. They're a really great company. Again, picked us over all the competitors to feature their baits. This is the ultimate strength shad. It's a 90 millimeter, 16 gram, dives two and a half to three and a half meters. It's beautiful. You see the little lip on it. Really dope looking bait, exclusive to MONSTERBASS. Secondly, we just did a deal with my good friends over at CHASEBAITS. You're going to get the Rip Snorter. CHASEBAITS is a new company out of Australia that's making a big splash in the United States. They've hooked us up with some, they're going to be in the box three times. They've already made a commitment to us and you guys are going to get those baits when no one else will.

Third one, and I'm really excited again. RABID BAITS, continuing our partnership with RABID BAITS. You want to see something totally innovative? It came out with an exclusive color that they're going to feature. It's called the Monster Croc. They worked with Nick the informative fisherman to come up with this color. If you haven't seen these things, you want to see them.

First of all, imagine that thing standing up on a little net or something, mushroom. Look at the hair, the appendages on those things, they're so cool and the movement's crazy. Those are going to be in the box and again, these are all exclusive. You won't find these in any one of our competitors.

In terms of next month, the brands you're going to see in the box, Bait Labs, Chase Bait, Rabid Baits, Lifted Jigs, Lunker Hunt, Z-Man, Booyah, Strike King, Jean LaRue, Super K, Stanley Jigs, Daiichi Hooks and more. Again, I'm bringing you guys the best because you deserve the best. You work hard for your money and you could sign up for one of our competitor's boxes and get a bunch of no-name baits that you've never heard of with overinflated MSRP's, or you can sign up for a brand that consistently puts out the best brands in the industry.

And that's what I think that we do here at MONSTERBASS. We have the best customer service. You'll find me on there pretty regularly and answering your questions. You know what, when we make a mistake, we're going to be upfront about it. We're not trying to fool anybody. We're not over inflating any MSRP's. We go straight to Tackle Warehouse and if they are not on Tackle Warehouse, we'd go straight to their website, pull off the MSRP's. I think that's what sets us apart in terms of company.

If you're looking to make a choice, A, we're the original box that's regionalized. No one else has ever done that before. We regionalize our boxes based upon the places you love to fish. And then we have theme boxes. Our competitors are starting to copy us with that, but again with the theme boxes, July will be, let's say, Topwater Month and every bait in the box is going to be Topwater focused. It will be paired with a video so that you can learn how to become a better Topwater angler because it's not just about sending you a box of baits. It's about sending the right baits for the right places at the right time so that you can put more bass in the boat or land more on the shore. That's what we're focused on doing.

A couple other cool things. I got some new brands that sent me some stuff. You want to check this out. Reika Darsa, I think I'm pronouncing it correctly. Reika. They sent these baits. I got to show you this against the white background. I mean these are custom. Can you guys see that? Is that cool or what? I mean and they come in this cool box. I don't know if you guys can see all this. Look at that all hand signed. We're doing a deal with them. They're going to put those in the box and obviously because they're custom, there's no way I can get enough for everyone, but we're going to put a thousand, a thousand randomly in the boxes in an upcoming month. We're just working on the details right now. Those are beautiful.

Another little company, again, I want to give you guys Bates from the best brands, but I also want to make sure I introduce you guys to hot new brands that are coming up, up and coming little regional players that are making really quality baits. Here's one from Hendrix Fishing Premium Lures, and I got turned onto these by someone on our pro staff and they make these little frogs, but I mean they're just super, super supple. I got to believe you're going to see some crazy hookups on these.

Again, frog is one of those things where it takes a little bit of patience because you know, you can easily miss out on some bites. But who doesn't love topwater time and what else? Got some other brands. This other company just contacted us and they make a bait with a made out of synthetic balsa. So I'm going to throw those in the pool later today and get, you know, like 2 cents and then send some out to like Travis, Alex, Ben and some of the others on the team and let them tell me what they think about it because obviously we're not putting it in the box unless we've tested it because we want to make sure that, again, it's not just some bait that we got off with some shelf in a factory in China and said, hey, put this brand on it send it to you guys and over inflate the value of the box. It's garbage. You don't want garbage, you don't deserve garbage and I'll never send garbage.

So there you have it. That's a quick little update again, April boxes. Great. You guys have all seen it. Everyone that got that candy spinnerbaits getting Z man next month and God, the lineup for next month, we will sell out. It's very important to know we will sell out. So you want to make sure that you sign up right away because I always give preference to my existing customers. So if my existing customers sell out the entire box, that's all that we're going to have, but if you've got questions, hit the subscribe button below. Make sure you ask them. I will answer every single question and if you need, you can hit me up over on Instagram. My personal page is Ricker Love. Just check it out and yeah, happy Sunday. Thanks for your support. Hope you and your families are staying safe. Remember, we're all in this together and there's a reason why we really think that we're the better box because better baits, best customer service, best support. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

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  • I can’t wait until the next box,hope there is more top water baits. There is nothing better than bringing that bait across the top of the water and that bass crushes it,what a rush!!!WHAT A COMPANY MONSTERBASS!!!!!

  • Rick,
    I looked at the March, April and May boxes. I like what you are doing, your philosophies are on point. Daily delivery is fantastic…was a sore spot for me. International brands, exclusive brands, custom painted square bills and finally full plastic packs from Zoom is Awesome. I use to get pissed about sample packs. I didn’t feel good about sample packs.

    Ok, box feedback. Write 1000 people and tell them that they have been selected for a trial bait and you would like feedback. Make it into a PROGRAM that folks will glow about. Your style of Hey we are telling you All there will be a 1,000 baits stashed in a 1,000 boxes. Well know when I check my box, I feel a little cheated. I know it doesn’t seem rational, but everytime with LTB I felt like I didn’t get the Special Treatment. What I’m saying is Don’t announce to everyone. Or announce a Program to everyone. Call it the Pay Forward Jr. Program…just riffing off the top of my head
    Like: A 1000 will go out to Super Subscribers free
    we have 3 Asks…1. Test it give us feedback 2. Send us a photo with kid involved 3. Pay Forward…give bait to kid to try

    Having said that. You missed me by 3years. I make my own Spinner Baits, Chatter Baits, Buzz Baits and they are designed better that any at the store. Baked Paint, hand tied, glued eyes and tested on my driveway by 10 casts. Eyes still attached, paint still on lure…then good batch! I do like your intent to bring New Lures to your customers and I love the Regional intent too. I always wanted that from LTB and pushed for it. What you are doing is fantastic, but I am afraid when you have a room in your house dedicated to making lures and cabinets full of plastics…scents…a plethora of hooks and lead molds, just doesn’t seem like a good fit for me. I will tell others, as a matter of fact I told Old Lady Angler, Tracy, about you guys and we discussed it. I want to support you in some way though because I think you are doing the right thing! Btw, love Informative Fisherman he has taught me a lot too. The Rocker Heads will have to buy.
    So initially, I said there would have to be at least 2 items new in the boxes for me to move forward with subscription. I don’t think we are quite there, but I will follow your unboxings and support you in any other way that I can. Help me, Help you…lol Stay Safe Guys and Gals

    David Johnson |
  • Well, got the box but i did not get the rocker heads. Kind of dissapointed seeing it was meant to pair up with the plastic. Was looking forward to trying them out. I also didnt get the smaller spinner bait with the 2 different color leaves. But everything else was perfect.

  • Hey got the April box loved it caught two smaller ones on the craws which was insane. Looking forward to receiving the Mays box but am curious, have you used or seen the Bagley rad shad? Great shallow diving baits that I have used in the past but at my cost $7.00 is really expensive, but I hooked into trout, huge bass, and white bass on them. Any ways thanks again for the boxes my wife got them for me and I truly do love them.

    John E Benson Jr |
  • I’m sure i joined and got my first box in april and thought it was a monthly deal but haven’t heard when the next box will be delivered or payment due so are we supposed to get a heads up or a date for the monthly subscription

    Bobby Lambert |
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April Breakdown | Platinum Series

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