Unpacked: How To Rig and Fish Everything in the August MONSTERBASS Bag

Unpacked: How To Rig and Fish Everything in the August MONSTERBASS Bag

So you picked up the NEW August 2021 MONSTERBASS Bag... NOW WHAT? If you're looking for some tips on how to fish every bait in this month's bag, look no further! Jeff from Burly Fishing has some great tips to put you on your next PB Bass! In this video he breaks down every bait in the bag, how to fish it, where to fish it, and what to fish it on!

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Video transcript: 

Speaker 1: (00:00)
So you got the bag, you got the Baits now, what do you do with them? We're going to talk about that today. What's going on, you guys, I'm Jeff with Burley fishing here on the MONSTERBASS channel on this channel. We have all sorts of awesome creators dropping content every single week to help put you on your next PB to help you catch more MONSTERBASS. So be sure to subscribe smash like on this video and ring that notification bell. And then you can also hop over to my channel, Burly Fishing, if you wouldn't mind and throw me a subscribe as well. I appreciate it so much. And I'd love to see you there and talk to you in the comments more. So let me know. You came over from the channel now with this here bag,

Speaker 2: (00:40)
you get all sorts of baits and that's cool and everything, but if you're not quite sure how to fish with these or you haven't fished with some of these before, you're going to want to get some ideas rolling, and I'm here to help you out with that. So, so a little serious. We've been trying to drop monthly on how to use all the baits in this bag to give you the best luck. So we're talking rigging, we're talking gear, we're talking where to fish it and how to fish it. So let's get into it. So right off the bat, this is not a full unboxing video, but I'm going to show you all the baits that you might see now, bear in mind that I am in the Midwest/Great Lakes region. So these are what would come in my bag. Now, if you are in a different region, you might get a few different baits, but that's the cool thing about MONSTERBASS is that you get that variety.

Speaker 1: (01:27)
So let's take a look at what I got in my bag this month for the August, 2021 bag. First of all, we've got the new MB stops. So these right here are pegs that you would put on your line to stop. I don't know, maybe this MONSTERBASS tungsten weight from sliding up. So if I'm fishing in grass, oftentimes I'm going to peg this weight and we got some plastics we're going to use with that here in a second. And then you're going to need some hooks to rig those plastics up with and to jack some jaws. These right here are Mustad, some of the best hooks on the market. These ones come and read by no means do you have to use red, but it pretty cool that you get some variety here. So we've got some EWG and a 3/0 size to pair with those.

Speaker 1: (02:09)
We actually get to plastics options so we can flip some sick X zone, adrenaline bugs this in a downsize, black and blue, which I think is cool. These ones are 3.5 inches, a little bit smaller, a little more finessey perfect for my region. And then we got the 13 fishing. BFF is the blunt force finesse. Gosh, I love that term. I always talk about like being subtly aggressive and this kind of this aligns with it aligns with my mentality towards fishing. So I like that a lot. This is also a pretty cool color. It's called the Royal Irishman. We're getting an up close look here in just a second. And if the plastic game isn't working, don't worry. We've got a whole bunch of body baits. So we've got the rocket shad from bait labs, sort of a shallow diving crank bait. We've got some topwater action with the brand new TB115, this one coming from arc. That thing is juicy. We've got the good old classic here, the strike king pro model crank baits, and a natural color.

Speaker 3: (03:07)
And then we've got the Midwest special white and chartreuse spinner bait with white painted blades. That's freaking cool. And I mean, you know, they they'd say it all right there. Fish bite it. Yes they do. So we're going to talk about rigging all these right now. Let's get to it. Okay. So I'm going to start on the bottom first with these planets sticks. So for demonstration purposes, we've got some mono filament line here. Uh, often you're going to be flipping with mono or you're going to flip with straight braid. So what you're going to do, if you're ringing up these worms or these bugs that we're going to be flipping around is you're going to take your stops. So all you got to do to get one of these stops on your line is slide your line through the little metal piece here. Then we're going to pull that stop onto the line.

Speaker 1: (03:54)
Boom leaves a little kink in the line. That's fine. We're going to clip that. That'll be our tagging, but there's our stop right there from here with that stop. We're going to slide it up a little bit. We'll take our weight. This is a three eight ounce tungsten coming from MB. We're going to slide that up on the line, just like so leaving us enough room to tie a knot, which we're going to tie to our Mustad hook. So I prefer if I'm flipping to go ahead and throw a Palomar on this thing, it's a nice, strong nut. That's pretty easy to tie. So what you're going to want to do is double your line through the eye of the hook there. Make sure you got enough room for a nice tag. Just make it easier for yourself to tie this thing. So once we got our line through there, you should get that kind of loop.

Speaker 1: (04:37)
We're just going to bring that line around itself and just pull it right back through there. I like to pull that straight so I don't get any kink in that, not there. And then we're going to take our hook and just push it right back through. Okay. From here, we're just going to pull all the main lines straight and then we're going to have a nice, juicy little nut right there. So now our weight can sit right on top of the hook. We're going to go ahead and clip our tag. So you take your, your fancy scissors or whatever you have that you clip tags with and clip it. And now we've got a nice clean, not at the end of that hook. So from here, it's going to look just like that. I'm going to take our peg, slide it on down. There we go.

Speaker 1: (05:26)
We're all set. Now we got to rig some plastics. So let's take a look at that blunt force finesse. Look at this juicy color. Oh my gosh. It's a galaxy in here. So we got blues, silvers purples. Uh, the bottom side is a little more translucent. If you guys can catch that, see that a little two layer there. The top is a little bit darker and that dark side there has more of the gold and green and black flake to it. So that looks good. The thing I love about the 13 fishing BFF is that it's got a little, a little, it's got a lot of stretch to it actually. And it has these pre rigged holes right there. So that's your guide. As far as, you know, whatever size hook you're throwing, bigger hook, you're going to be coming through their pre rigged holes, further down smaller hook.

Speaker 1: (06:13)
You're going to be coming through further up. These are pretty gosh, darn durable plastics, and they're really easy to rig. So if we're going to just Texas rig this, then we're going to go ahead and go through the top. Like, so punch out through the bottom. I like the flat side sticking out. We're going to slide our bait all the way up and flat side pointing to the back of the hook here. And then we're going to take tip of that hook. We're going to come back towards the bait, like so, so I like to just roll it up and then punch her on through. And you can see we came right through one of those pre-reg holes. So we're in a pretty good spot from here. We're just gonna text spose. So we're just gonna like tuck that hook and right in there. And now we've got a nice flat presentation.

Speaker 1: (07:00)
This is a pretty sweet trick worms. So you've got more of the larger tail end here. So you're going to get a ton of action flipping this thing around. I think all in all that is a good finished product and it's going to look juicy and fish going to eat it. So that's option one. And again, this is just going with what came in the bag. I have my terminal box. I don't even need to dig into it. So next thing we're gonna do is look at our X zone, adrenaline bug. Be sure to break that tail apart. So you get all of the action that you deserve, check your hook. So this is a pretty large hook for this plastic that said you can rig it this way. So we're just going to do the same thing. We're going to Texas rig it. I might recommend switching to like a two op flipping hook.

Speaker 1: (07:43)
If you have the option, if you're just going with what's in the bag, then you can get this done. So we're gonna do a little shorter Texas rig. So you're not going to go in as far into that head cause you'll run out of room at the base. Same thing. We're going to roll that bait up. We're going to try and go into the middle near the bottom here of that bait push on through. And it looks like we can just fit this thing on here. So that's awesome. Uh, from there, same thing, we're just going to tuck the hook, boom, again, flipping hook to what might be better on this. Uh, but we're going to roll with what's in the bag. There we go. So we've got our nice flipping setup with a bug ready to rock setups for these. My preference would be to go with like a seven, three medium heavy, um, my personal arsenal.

Speaker 1: (08:32)
I'm looking at my Akuna psycho stick. I think it's an extremely strong rod. It's very sensitive, very light, very fun to fish with. So throwing that seven three allows me to get that cast ability with three eights of an ounce right here on that weight. I can just bling that thing up over them. They're mountains and put this where it needs to be. Or I can flip docks with it really easily as well. Even from a kayak, which most of the I'm a kayak fisherman through fishing from the bank. It allows you to get those long parallel casts. When you're looking at structure. If you see would flip to wood to see structure flip to that structure, that's where you want to put this. It's very, weedless, you're going to be able to fish around that structure really well. And then for the leader, I'd recommend going with like a mono leader or if you have full-on mono spooled up on your reel.

Speaker 1: (09:16)
Totally fine. We'll just go straight braid. Especially if you're dealing with or water, you're going to get away with it. You're going to be fine. The fish are still gonna bite, but mono might be a good choice. Get a little bit of stress into it. Fluoro doesn't do good with abrasion. So if you have fluoro on the leader and you flip into cover, you might be in trouble that could break off as for the real, you can go with anything with like a mid range change gear ratios. So like a seven, three to one ish, anything around that range. Just good. You want to have a little bit of drag so you can fight them out of the tub stuff. So if you've got 15 pounds plus of drag, you're probably in a good spot. So for me, any of my flipping setups are paired up with something with that 15 plus pound drag, something like my Abu Garcia Zada.

Speaker 1: (09:59)
I'm a big fan of the Akuna Komodo S S that is a fantastic reel for the money or an Abu Garcia, Rebo, SX, all of these things are great. So any of those, I think they got the power, nice gear ratio there in that one 50 to $200 range. So maybe check some of those reels or those rods out. If you haven't seen them already. Another rod option for me would be like a St. Croix, bass ax. I think that's a good like budget rod for flipping as well, heavy, heavy duty rod. It does well. Okay. So we still got four other Baits. Let's talk about these. Start with our crank and Baits. So we got that pro model diva, and then we got the shallow diving with the bait lab rocket. All right. So first up we got that rocket shed. So if you're looking for shallow diving and you're looking in that like shallower water column area in your round cover around grass, this can be a great option.

Speaker 1: (10:50)
It's right here is going to dive only about four to five feet. So let's start with that rocket shed. We've got a real subtle, almost no sound whatsoever, almost a silent, very little sound minimal sound to this thing. You're diving like four to five feet. You got a Clearwater type presentation with his natural, like perch color to it. And it's got a little hint of red, which is good. Yeah. This thing looks pretty juicy in the water. It is floating. So it's one of these types of Baits. You want to like reel down on, get it a little deep, let it float up. Kind of like a dying bait fish or a wounded fish, something that would be easy prey for a bass. This thing I'd be trying to deflect off of cover, got a nice wide lip to it. And I'd be throwing on a cranking set up. So if you can get a cranking specific Rob, that would be ideal. Personally, for me, my Akuna guide select it's a seven six. It is a moderate action, which is awesome for cranking means that that rod is bending more towards the middle to lower part of the

Speaker 4: (11:51)
Blank, which allows you to work the fish

Speaker 1: (11:54)
A lot better and more efficiently. And when you're doing treble hooks like this, it means the fish pop off less it's way harder for them to shake the hook. So that is ideal. Something like this, this size perfect prey, the bats are gonna munch on it. It's fantastic. So go for docs, go for rocks. Go for cover deflect as much as you can. You want to run this thing in shallow water? Yeah. As for that pro model, we're diving much deeper, right? We have a nice wide lip to that thing. I like this again, more of a natural color. You got that red Gil natural color there. This is cool. The tail highlight. So when this thing is wobbling, that's basically a tracer round. It's creating like a nice little color path in the water. So it looks good. It's going to draw bites quite a bit louder than that rocket shed.

Speaker 1: (12:39)
So again, stained Clearwater presentation with crank baits. You want to run them down. You want to get to the bottom and you want this thing bouncing deflecting off of cover as much as possible. So if you're in that more eight to 10, maybe even 12 foot range, that's when you're going to bust this baby out and start throwing this around again, go on the cranking setup, something a longer rod, 7, 6, 7, 10, something longer like that. So you can cast this thing way out there and moderate to slow action on that rod so that you can really work the fish and give them less of an opportunity to shake ya, because that is no fun. It is really heartbreaking. It sucks. There's real. When it comes to cranking, I personally prefer a slower gear ratios, uh, six, six to one. So I've thrown them on my Shimono, SLX DC, and a 6 61, or I've thrown them on my Acoma Ceros reel, which is a nice budget real actually.

Speaker 1: (13:34)
So, uh, we're in that range, if you're looking for a good reel, just go like lower gear ratio. So, uh, go with, you know, the AGU is the Shimono is the Akuna is of the world. And just pick your poison, pick your preference. As far as line, you can have a braid backer, but I would definitely prefer a fluorocarbon leader when I'm throwing cranks and this bad boy right here, that steel shed. So think about throwing on like a 12, 15, 17, 20 pound fluorocarbon leader, depending on, uh, what depth you're trying to get to as well as what type of cover you're dealing with. So go with the heavier tasks. If you're dealing with some pretty bad cover, got lots of like lay downs, logs, timber, stuff like that. Uh, and rocks, especially that flouro can break up or if you're going after a huge fish, this right here is probably one of my feet lures to throw up here in the Midwest.

Speaker 1: (14:26)
Spinnerbaits just straight bang. This is a fantastic one coming from steel. Shad. I love that we have the painted blades. So as these are spinning in the water, that's going to just look way different maybe than what anybody else around you is throwing. And sometimes that's what it takes. Throw something that looks different with this setup. We've got a nice doubt wire. So this is going to be pretty strong. It's going to hold up really well. Got an awesomely molded jig head. That looks beautiful. Nice eyes on that too. The white and chartreuse skirt and got a really well done molded Baykeeper right there. So I think that's fantastic. Nice stout hook on it. You could throw a trailer hook on this lately. I've been going no plastics. So I'm throwing, spinnerbaits just straight either like this, or maybe tag on a trailer hook. If you're getting short struck or you're missing them, you're getting hit, but you're not catching fish consider throwing on the trailer hook.

Speaker 1: (15:18)
It can make a big difference. As far as the setup, I throw this thing on, I'm looking for a higher gear ratio, either that like seven, three to one I was talking about, or even a higher gear ratio, not like an eight, three to 1 8, 2, 2, 1, whatever type of reel you can find in that format. I have an SLX that I love that changed out the bearings on from spool speed. And that thing will cast super far and it's a higher gear ratio. And I actually just built a sick setup from lose. So I got the loose custom speed stick, which is phenomenal. I'm going to do a review on my channel. So if you guys want to see more about that or any of these new loose products, I picked up a mock crush hop over to my channel and check that out. It's coming soon.

Speaker 1: (15:59)
Also paired that up with the tournament, NP real from Lou's, which is insane. Absolutely insane. Beautiful, real. Uh, but that's in that higher like eight level gear ratio. So I can really burn stuff like spinnerbaits and chatter baits really well. And I built that combo specifically for spinnerbaits and chatter bait. So it works really well with that. Uh, same for line braid backer go for the floral leader. It just works better and it gets the bait down there. If you want to burn it and stay higher in the water column, you can go with mono. I mean, it's, it's kinda like, you know, dealer's choice at that point. Finally we, yeah. Top water this right here, this arch top water is a blast. So I've actually gotten a chance to fish this a little bit. So this is more of a pencil popper. You've got the scooped Mount there.

Speaker 1: (16:47)
So you can pop this a little bit like a smaller size popper, what you're used to, but it's a pencil bait. So you can also walk this thing. You've got three trebles. There's actually two tied up here off the back and I love it. When companies do this, they kind of take care of their product and it looks good coming out of the box. So we got three nice sharp high quality hooks here on this thing. You're coming in a bluegill pattern, kind of translucent, pretty shiny. It's going to look good on the surface. This is what Fisher seeing from underwater. So that's nice and shiny and bright and vibrant. And again, you can walk this thing really well. So we can just sorta Twitch the rod, uh, pop it to the side, pop straight down, you pop up. This thing walks amazing. It's well balanced.

Speaker 1: (17:29)
So you're not getting that thing where it comes up out of the water and just shoots off to the side, like crazy. You've got a split ring on there as well. So that makes it easy to tie on to, and with this we're talking top water. So we're talking monofilament line. You want a floating line. So typically with something like this, I'm going to go with a mono leader or you rig it up to a reel that you have spooled up all the way with mono. And that is going to help give this thing, the action that it was made for. So highly recommended. If you're having issues with walking Baits, top water, Baits, pencil baits, like this switch to mono, maybe add a loop knot so we can tie a loop, not to this as well. And that works really, really well. But again, this thing is well balanced.

Speaker 1: (18:10)
It's got a good weight transfer system, uh, can confirm I cast it the same way further than I should have all the way into somebody's yard and may or may not have gotten Karen at that point, but it casts really far. So you can put this thing where you want, and with something like a walking bait, you kind of want to do that, just get it out there and then walk it back nice and slow. And you're going to get blown up on top water treble Baits. I typically go for more of a medium, heavy versus a heavy we don't want. I didn't even, maybe go for a medium. You want to like go lower on the power because we don't want to rip those trebles out of the fish's mouth. So again, actually my medium heavy psycho stick, which behaves almost more like a medium does a really, really good job with these top water walking Baits. It is the setup that I learned to do top water Baits with. So a Akuna psycho stick with the Akuna Helio's

Speaker 4: (19:02)
S ex real, really

Speaker 1: (19:04)
Good at casting. Getting that thing out there and walking it back. You could even use the crankbait setup. I was talking about, just go for something that's like medium, medium, heavy, uh, go for like more of a fast action to a moderate action. Uh, you don't need a Jack their jaw. You actually want that fish to really sip that bait. Kind of take it under a little bit and then lean on them, lean into it, much like you do with a crank bait. You're going to lose less fish that way. And then it's harder for them to shake it on the way back to the boat as well. So nothing super heavy, no extra fast action stuff. That's gonna cause you to miss more fish. Do we do it? We did it. We went through all the baits in my bag. So there you go. Those are all the Baits. That's Howard rhythm. Those are the setups I've used them with

Speaker 2: (19:46)
And we even rigged some plastics. So hopefully

Speaker 1: (19:50)
This video is helpful for you guys. Hopefully when you get your bag from MONSTERBASS this month, you can literally grab it, grab your setups that we talked about today. Go hit the water and just smack them. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you have a great time on the water. Of course, remember to subscribe to MONSTERBASS. If you want to see more videos like this and smash like on this video ring, that notification bell. And if you'd be so kind to hop over to my channel, burly fishing and throw me a subscribe as well. I'd love to see you on one of my newer videos dropping this week. We do videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00 PM Eastern and we go live Thursday is 8:00 PM. Eastern I'm live on YouTube. And before us MONSTERBASS is live at 7:00 PM Eastern. So hop on there, talk to us, engage in chat. It's a blast. I look forward to those lives every single week. And I'd love to see you there and talk to you. Thanks for watching today, guys. And we'll see you on the next yeah.



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