March - Regional Pro Series

March - Regional Pro Series

The March Regional Pro Series box from MONSTERBASS came loaded with baits that designed to help me go after fish at every level of the water column. Each box is personalized to the region of the country where you live and fish. My box came loaded with the following brands...

  1. Z-Man
  2. Zoom
  4. Reaction Strike
  5. Bruiser Baits
  6. On The Spot Custom Baits
  7. B8LAB Performance Fishing
  8. Daiichi
MONSTERBASS is the only fishing subscription box that hand-picks the baits based upon where you love to fish and we create themed boxes that are accompanied by how-to videos to help you become a better angler. Get yours today at and use code SAVE10 and save $10 off your 1st box.  Click Here to join now!

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Rick from MONSTERBASS and today I'm going to take you through the Regional Pro Series box for March. For those of you that are new to MONSTERBASS, we are the only company that produces regionally-based and themed boxes for our subscribers. And what that means is we hand pick the baits based upon the area of the country where you live and fish because we realize the conditions in Florida right now are different than the conditions in California or Michigan.

So we send different box or different baits to you based upon where you're fishing. The other thing we do is we create themed boxes. In an upcoming month, we're going to have a topwater month, and every bait in the box will be a topwater bait and they'll be paired with a video so that you can watch them, and be called it Better Topwater Angler. And that's what we do at MONSTERBASS. We make sure we send you the most seasonally and regionally appropriate baits. And then we also want to help you catch more fish. So we make sure we have that education component. It's not about just, "Hey, did I get the greatest value?" We want to make sure we send you the best baits for the time of year you're fishing.

So let's take you through it. This time of year for me, fish are starting to transition from deep water to shallow. So we need baits that are going to hit just about every level of the water column. And so let's see how we do with this bait, or with this box. All right, so the first bait in the boxes from a company called Bait Lab. You probably haven't heard of them. They're a newer company. They approached us, they said they're working, they had talked with our competitors and ultimately they made a decision to be exclusive with us. So you won't find Bait Labs in any other box this year. They're going to launch four new baits.

This is a hybrid between a jerk bait and a crank bait. So it's really going to give you that jerky action that you want for when you're mimicking dying bait fish and things like that. But it's going to also dive a little bit and give you some of that crank bait action. We've got a chatter bait. I mean I love fishing chatter baits. Z-Man makes one of the best ones and this time of year, love throwing it. This is a 3/8 ounce in green pumpkin. All right. We love partnering with new and upcoming companies as well.

This is a company called On The Spot Baits. Now On The Spot Baits is a based out of Pennsylvania. They can pour these baits themselves there and this is a little Ned bait. And which you'll notice, I don't know if you can see it, but it's studded on one end and ribbed on the other. And it's a great little bait and fishing Ned style this time of year is awesome. We got extreme topwater rip from a reaction strike. Again, it's almost like a plug, but it's got that walk the dog action. And again, for me it's going to be great this time of year. I probably will hold off for about... I probably won't throw this bait for at least two to three weeks. I want it to warm up just a little bit more.

Got a popper, so I got this from Lunkerhunt. Look at the paint job on it. That's a dope paint job. I love throwing these things. It just causes that commotion and making that sound and it's got a great rattle to it. It's going to attract those hungry bass, and this time of year, they're going to make them go crazy. We got some hooks. Now, I'm a big fan of red hooks. I know some people are mixed on them. These are Daiichi's. They make some really sharp hooks. It's a four pack of EWGs. Again, I could use red EWGs all year long.

We got some soft water jerkbaits or soft plastic jerkbaits from Bruiser Baits. And Bruiser Baits became popular about five years ago down on Lake Okeechobee when Scott Martin was using these a lot. Bruiser Baits has built a pretty solid brand for themselves. They went from being a regional player to now known on a national scale. So I'm excited to throw these.

And then last but not least, we've got Zoom. Now, this is a finesse worm. I don't know if you can see this but that's not a sample pack. I mean that's a 20 pack. And Zoom has never actually been in the boxes, any of the other competitive boxes before. So I'm really excited that we were able to bring that to you guys. So there you have it.

I mean we got three full packs of soft plastics, four hard baits, pack of hooks. Every one of those baits will help me hit different areas of the water column or different levels of the water column. And I think you should have a pretty good shot at fishing this, and hopefully be able to do a slam on it and then show you guys the results. If you've got any questions, comment down below. Would love to get your feedback. And then, yeah. If you haven't subscribed, I'll put a promo code down below so if you want to give it a try for your first time, you can do that. So yeah, there you have it. March Regional Pro Series box from MONSTERBASS. Get yours now.

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  • I just received my first box and I am impressed I have already changed my subscription and can’t wait until next month for my surprises. I received a box from a different company and was hesitant to say the least, keep up the good work and killer baits.

    Rick Dougan |
  • I just ordered a box today when should I be expecting one. This month or next

    Hunter Mullins |
  • My wife ordered me a gift subscription for Christmas she ordered the buy 3 get one free pro box. I received a box in Dec, Jan, and Feb, but never received a box for March.. What’s the deal? I really thought this was gonna be a boxed bait company I could subscribe to, but I’m really not sure now.. I’m a bit disappointed to say the least..

    Jeff Fore |
  • When do we get the boxes

    Ryan Compton |
  • I’m having trouble finding the pause for my account. It isn’t just a couple clicks to cancel.

    Becker Joshua |
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