Top 5 Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing Baits

Top 5 Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing Baits

In this video, Jeremy Francis from Fishing the Lonestar gives you his Top 5 pre-spawn bass fishing baits. He gives you the baits, the colors and the tips you need to be more effective this time of year. Hopefully these tips help you catch bigger bass this year.

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Video Transcript:
Hey, what's happening guys? Welcome back to another video on the MONSTERBASS channel. My name is Jeremy Francis with Fishing the LoneStar. And today I'm breaking down for you the top five pre spawn baits because, yes, it's that time of year. If it's not already here for you, it will be coming soon. The pre spawn is coming, let's talk about what baits to throw and use.

So number five ... In no particular order, but this bait has been thrown a lot in a lot of big tournaments and it's caught a lot of big bass, and in fact, tournaments have been won recently on the spinnerbait. Now, I'll show you a couple of different ones. This is a KVD spinnerbait with double willow blades. This is another spinnerbait, this one's silver, this one's more of a gold with a Colorado and a willow, and then you have also more of a double willow, but more of a copper color.

What you're basically trying to create with a spinnerbait is a lot of commotion, a lot of sound, and trying to grab and draw that big bite. You can throw them without a trailer or you can add a trailer such as this swim bait that's on the end. Ultimately, you've got some choices with the spinner bait, one thing you need to consider though, in the pre spawn, is two things, slow and big.

You want a big presentation to draw a big bite and you want to slow down your presentation probably a little bit more than what you're used to because that's what fish are looking for. They don't want to spend a lot of energy because they're about to go into spawn mode, but they're looking for some big bites, some big presentations and a spinnerbait can be what gets the job done for you. Try a spinnerbait in pre spawn.

All right, number four, and something that I personally don't throw enough of, but I know my social media feed has been blowing up lately with people catching big fish and that's on rattle traps in the pre spawn. Now, this is more of a red style crawl, this is more of a chrome blue back sexy shad, this is a Bill Lewis, this is a red eye shad by Strike King and then more of a bone color one knocker by BOOYAH Baits. Get my fingers out of the hooks.

But a rattle trap fished slow in the pre spawn can be a killer. I would recommend one of these three colors, you've got your red craw color, you've got a chrome blue back or you've got a bone color. Those three seem to be what work and catch a lot of fish. I know the red, recently, has landed a lot of big bass for a lot of people. Try throwing a rattle trap in pre spawn, you can yo-yo it, you can bounce it, you can slow retrieve, you can burn it fast, multiple ways to retrieve this, but I'll tell you, the rattle trap gets it done in the pre spawn.

All right, I mentioned fishing slow in the pre spawn normally draws a bite, and coming in at number three is ... A jerk bait definitely does that trick. There's one of three shown here, a really popular one though is the jerk bait by Strike King, the KVD, these really get the job done. Now, you want to fish these probably around some primary lake points. These are shallow divers, you can get them to dive even deeper.

Really though, a jerk bait is meant to be kind of a jerk, jerk, pause, jerk, pause, that's why they call it a jerk bait, and you're going to want to just vary the retrieve, see what works. Sometimes going incredibly slow, like four to five seconds between each pause is what's going to draw a strike.

Sometimes fishing them faster is going to draw a strike, but a jerk bait in the pre spawn ... This is probably one of the main times throughout the year that people will fish jerk baits and get a lot of good fish. I know Lake Fork, recently, in Texas, the pre spawn bite has been on fire with a jerk bait. Jerk baits get the job done in the pre spawn and is one that you should be throwing, it definitely should be in your top five.

All right, coming in at number two ... And actually the next two baits, or techniques, are something that I fish a lot of and I've lost track on how many fish I've caught with them, but number two is going to be a craw. Texas rigged craw or a Carolina rigged craw, I can't speak highly enough about a craw style bait and how many fish I've caught on these baits. Now, this is the normal Rage craw, this is also another craw by X Zone Lures or you could even go a little bit more finesse and do a Rage Menace or even the finesse version of the Muscle Back craw by X Zone Lures.

But a craw, Texas rigged, I mentioned fishing slow ... Sometimes fishing slow and just dragging a craw across the bottom is going to draw some big bites for you. I know I've caught a lot of fish so far in the pre spawn on this bait here, or on this technique, which is a Texas rigged craw, I've caught just as many on the number one bait, let's discuss that now.

All right, number one and my favorite pre spawn, maybe not spawn, summer, fall, probably my hands down, number one favorite bait to throw, especially in the pre spawn, is going to be a swim bait. Now, here's a couple of different styles. Here's a jointed hard body, here's a ... I think this is a five inch paddle tail and then also here's a four inch, kind of a jointed body paddle tail.

Now, these paddle tails, one thing that I love about them is you can burn them across the top, you can fish them weedless, you can drag them across the bottom, you can hop them, there's multiple ways you can retrieve these depending upon what the fish are wanting, but I'll tell you one of the number one ways that I've caught fish in the pre spawn is by taking a paddle tail, Texas rigging it on a belly weighted hook and literally just dragging it slowly across the bottom, just enough for that tail to give us some action and some kick and to draw a strike.

Fish aren't wanting to move very much in the pre spawn, but they are always chasing bait fish, in my opinion, especially in the pre spawn, dragging a swim bait across the bottom or pulling it through grass, weedless, is really going to draw some big bites along with fishing somewhat of a ... This isn't necessarily a wake style, but a jointed swim bait, fishing it slowly will also help draw some big bites in the pre spawn. My number one choice is going to be the swim bait.

All right, guys, that's the top five run down for your pre spawn selection, starting with spinnerbaits, a lot of commotion, big profile. Next, rattle traps, can't go wrong with a rattle trap in a pre spawn. This is a blue chrome color, I would also recommend red. A jerk bait, slow pauses, fast twitches and jerks with slow pause in between will get you big strikes on a jerk bait. The Rage craw, Texas rigged, pulling that across the bottom will also get you big bites.

And my personal favorite, the paddle tail swimbait. Always a great selection and a great option that you can Texas rig, weedless, pull through grass, fish it slow, fish it fast, fish it shallow, whatever you need. These top five should get it done for you in the pre spawn.

Hey, thanks for checking out this video and make sure you subscribe to the MONSTERBASS channel. There's a lot of great videos coming your way. Techniques specific on each of these baits, each of these lures, along with the regional pro box. If you are not subscribed yet to the monthly regional pro box, it's what I use and what I fish with. This box gets it done for me and has introduced me to many new techniques, many new baits that I would not have otherwise tried.

I would highly recommend the regional pro box because there's professionals that are picking baits and lures that are going to work for your region at the time of year you need them to work. So make sure you check out MONSTERBASS, make sure you subscribe to this channel, drop a like, and hey, if there's something else that I may have missed that's one of your top five and the pre spawn, drop a comment below, let me know. My name is Jeremy from Fishing the LoneStar on the MONSTERBASS channel, and until next time, peace.

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