Brand Ambassador Spotlight:  Alex Rudd

Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Alex Rudd

At MONSTERBASS we believe that sending you a box of random baits makes absolutely no sense.  That's why we've built a team of brand ambassadors to help us pick the baits and give you the tips you need to catch more fish.

Meet Alex Rudd. Alex lives in the South and helps to pick the baits we put into the box in this area of the country. 

What is your favorite bait from this month’s LUNKERHUNT Takeover box?

The spider. It’s the bait I have had the most fun fishing.

What’s your number 1 tip for Southern Region bass anglers, something that will help them year round?

Current is king. Man made or natural current is what makes fish position and eat. You find the current, you will find the bass.

Funniest moment bass fishing and why? Tell us a good story!

Ben Nowak and I were heading to the lake one day. I saw some cows laying down in a field. There is an old saying if the cows are laying down in the field the fish aren’t going to be biting. I start acting super bummed and tell Ben, “dude we aren’t going to catch any fishing today!” Ben looks at me crazy and asks why. I explain that my papaw (grandfather) always told me if the cows were laying down you weren’t going to catch fish. I also tagged on an elaborate story about how I never catch fish when the cows are laying down. Needless to say, we get to the lake and struggle to catch fish, keep in mind the whole cow thing is total BS. Ben starts freaking out about how I was right about the cows. We end up leaving that one lake and going to another. On the way back through those same cows were up and moving around. We get to the next lake and start catching fish. Still to this day I never told Ben that the whole cow thing was a lie.

Are there any professional bass anglers you learned to fish from, or a close friend?

My dad was the person who taught me how to fish. My earliest memories are fishing with my dad. I took everything he taught me and coupled that with one of my life mottos “be a lifelong learner”, which in short means to be willing to take every opportunity to learn. I watch, read, and put into practice everything fishing. Whether it be a video or a research study into how bass function- I eat, sleep, and breath bass fishing.

What’s your dream boat?

The boat I have now. Alumacraft Pro 185 loaded out exactly how I have it. When I do upgrade though I want a Crestliner Bass Hawk loaded out how I have my current boat. Double poles, 6” jack plate, Ultrex, 12” graph in the front and back.

You can only bring one rod-reel-lure to the water today… what’s your trust, versatile go-to??

7’3 MH Lews TI rod paired with a Lews Hyper Mag, 15lb Fluro, 1/4 Beast Coast Tungsten, and Strike King Structure Bug in Moon Juice. I can catch fish on any body of water with this set up.

What is your favorite aspect of fishing?

Getting to see and experience things few people ever will. From seeing bass have standoffs with Musky 5 times their size, to watching a family of otters just doing what otters do. There have been countless experiences I have had that you just don't see unless you’re out on the water being quiet and taking it all in.

To learn more about Alex... check out his YouTube channel

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  • I am not sure if I have ever joined but I would like to. If I have joined I have never received anything from you. Thank you Thom White

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