August Sneak Peak - Topwater Box

August Sneak Peak - Topwater Box

The August edition of MONSTERBASS is our last special edition box of the summer. It's the TOPWATER SPECIAL... this box contains approx $53 worth of baits and features the return of the MONSTERBASS Patriot.

It's the bait that started it all and is the one you've all been waiting the entire year for. In addition to this bait, we'll feature baits from Basshik, Booyah, LIVETARGET, Savage Gear, Stanley, Strike King, Xcite Baits, Z-Man and more...

This month we're also featuring items from 4 small businesses that we're proud to be working with for the first time... Fat Bastard Frog Company (Alabama), K9 Fishing (Tennessee) , Hendrix Fishing Company (Pennsylvania).

This box will 100% sell out! So don't delay, get your box today!

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Video Transcript:

Oh, my God, you guys, I want to give you guys the breakdown of the August, Top Water Box, but I got to get out of here because they found out that I got the Patriot 2.0 here, and I got to hide them from everybody.

Hi girls. Hold on, I got to go to the back house. I got to sneak through here. Hold on. So I got this back house, my 15 year old kid lives in it.

Hold on. Okay.

So here's the deal. August the August Box is going to be legit. We're talking about all top water baits. The entire box is top water themed. Now I know what you're thinking because I saw the other guy's top water box and I'm sorry if you got that one, but I promise this one won't disappoint and it's got the return of... The Patriot 2.0.

It's going to come in six different colors. They're dope. You're going to love it. But the top water box is going to have some really sick baits. We got buzz baits, poppers, popping frogs, regular frogs, soft plastic frogs, you name it. Everything. All great brands. We have the new profire, buzz fire, buzz bait from excite baits. We got soft plastic frogs from ZMan, three different kinds. We've got the OG Ribbit from Stanley. We got Strike King. We got frogs from Live Target, Savage Gear. We got Toad Runner. We got this small company out of Pennsylvania, Hendricks custom frogs. They make some dope frogs. We got a K9 Fluoro. We got the new Basshik Anthony 2.0, it's a popper. Look at the eye on that thing, it's so dope. And I love that color. And we got these frogs.

Now this company's frogs, this company's called Fat Bastard Frogs and their tagline is, "It's not a froggy unless it's a Fat Bastard." I think it's hilarious. Would you look at these colors? Look at this frog. Look a that. Is that crazy or what? I love the red hooks. I love the single strand. I'm so excited to get your guys' feedback and it comes in white too. I mean, look at this thing. It's so dope. I love it. I love it.

And then of course, you're going to get a Patriot. Look at that one, bone with sparkle. So good. I love that color too. This one's called purple haze. I think that one's crazy. I mean, everybody's going to get one of these Patriots limited edition just like before, when they're gone, they're gone for good. I think you're going to love the box.

If you've got questions, comment down below, it's going to sell out. Don't wait until the 25th of the month to get it. Because probably it will be gone. You know, with a Lunkerhunt Box, we had 20,000, 22,000, I don't know, this month we got 25,000. Sign up now. Don't wait. You want one of these boxes. The MSRP on one of these boxes is going to be in the $50 range. So a $35 box for $50, and get 53 bucks, 50 bucks worth of product. Amazing. Only because we care about you guys. We want you to become better top water anglers. And I want you to fish with one of these because they're so cool. Anyway, guys, don't delay and don't wait and hope you get lucky.  Get the box today and fill your tackle box with the best baits.

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