Shipping Delay

Shipping Delay

I’ve always said that I’m going to share good news and bad news with you.  I’ve always felt like full transparency is the best medicine.  So here goes…

Right now, we are 1 week behind in shipping. 

Ugh! I know… We are kitting and shipping boxes as fast as we possibly can and our warehouse is doing everything they can to catch up and get back on schedule.  Your order will ship next week I promise.  I know that waiting is the hardest part and that COVI-19 has also messed with some of your delivery times.  My sincere apologies.

As my way of saying “I’m sorry” I want to give you each $5 to spend at the store.  You can put it toward anything you want.  Just use code GET5 at checkout.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Again your box will ship next week.  If you have any other questions you can reach out to us here  



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