National Box vs Regional Pro Series

May 12, 2020 16 Comments Fishing Tips

Why do we have 2 different colored boxes?

Simple... it's so you know what box you received. The blue box is our Regional Pro Series Box and the green is our National Box. What's the difference?

  • Regional Pro Series Box (blue) - every month we hand-pick 8 seasonally and regionally appropriate baits that are specific to the area of the country where you love to fish. You'll receive 8 baits valued at $45-$55.
  • National Box (green) - every month you'll receive 6 great baits that are seasonally appropriate and great for anywhere in the country. You receive 6 baits valued at $35-$40. Some, but not all of the baits included in the Regional Pro Series Box show up in the National Box.

Most people that try the National Box end up upgrading to the Regional Pro Series Box after 1-2 months.

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