National Box vs Regional Pro Series

National Box vs Regional Pro Series

Why do we have 2 different colored boxes?

Simple... it's so you know what box you received. The blue box is our Regional Pro Series Box and the green is our National Box. What's the difference?

  • Regional Pro Series Box (blue) - every month we hand-pick 8 seasonally and regionally appropriate baits that are specific to the area of the country where you love to fish. You'll receive 8 baits valued at $45-$55.
  • National Box (green) - every month you'll receive 6 great baits that are seasonally appropriate and great for anywhere in the country. You receive 6 baits valued at $35-$40. Some, but not all of the baits included in the Regional Pro Series Box show up in the National Box.

Most people that try the National Box end up upgrading to the Regional Pro Series Box after 1-2 months.

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  • I like the sticker of the bass I saw on here. I just hope mine doesn’t come with a mask on it.

    Nick |
  • To whom it may concern,
    I just wanted to make sure it was okay with you guys and get permission to get the monster bass fish wearing the mask and have that graphic put on my boat carpet for a decal. Just want to be a rolling billboard for monster Bass! Love you guys by the way thanks Alex Rudd for all you do!!
    if someone would like to reach out further you can reach me at 615-878-3555 my name is Seth .

    Thank you,

    Seth Buttram |
  • I also was under the impression I would get the region i picked. I would rather upgrade if possible from national to the regional box. Especially for this lunkerhunt box I ordered.

    John McCann |
  • How do I change from the National box to the Regional box.

    Tim Helmerich |
  • I’m a national box subscriber. Will this Lunkerhunt box be my next box for July or extra cost to get that box.

    John Coverly Jr |
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