Square Bill Crankbaits 101

Square Bill Crankbaits 101

Square Bill Crankbait 101 - When to Throw a Square Bill

A squarebill crankbait is a staple in the bass fishing world for good reason! It catches fish well, it searches for fish well, and it is fairly easy to fish. For these reasons, a squarebill crankbait is something I almost always have tied on in the boat.

A squarebill fishes differently than a curved lipped crankbait, in that it offers the angler a better option for shallow water, rock bumping crankbait. The squared bill deflects better off of structure and rock, which often triggers a strike.

When bass move shallow in the spring and fall, a squarebill fished near structure is a great option. In the spring, I like to burn a squarebill over grass flats near where I believe bass are staging to spawn. I will also fish the grass edge with the same bait to find ambushing bass on the hunt. In the fall, cast your bait over rocks, stumps, and other structure with the intention of smacking the bait into the structure.

Because you will be fishing near structure, I like 10-17 lb fluorocarbon line. This is a good line that provides the appropriate strength, as well as, the right diameter line to allow the bait to reach the right depths needed. A 7+ ft. medium action rod is ideal for making good long casts, and covering more water. The rod should have a soft and sensitive rod tip that will allow you to feel the bite, wait for the eat, and allow you to lean into the fish.  Slower reels are great for colder waters, and speeding the bait up will draw aggressive warmer-water strikes.

 Hopefully this was comprehensive enough to help newer anglers understand the importance of fishing a squarebill crankbait. The bait can catch fish in almost any season of the year. Fishing the bait is about finding cover and covering water. Follow the above guidelines, and go catch yourself a monster! Tight lines!

Colton Orbaker 
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  • Are you square bills and crank baits

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