November 2019 - Western Region

November 2019 - Western Region

The November box featured hand-picked baits that were perfect for the area of the country where i live and fish. 6 baits were from brands that you can purchase from Tackle Warehouse. 2 of them were regional brands that are well known in their respective markets and looking to make a leap to the national scene. If you like what you see and want to try out MONSTERBASS for yourself you can use code BLOG10 and save $10 off your first order. Click here to get your box.

If you have any questions please comment down below. Thank you. Rick


Video Transcript:

Hey, good morning. It's Rick at Monsterbass and today I'm going to walk you through the November edition of Monsterbass. Now as you know, every month we hand pick baits based upon where you live and fish because we believe that matching the hatch so to speak is the right way to fill a box instead of just sending you random stuff. So let's walk you through it and I'll show you what we got. Okay, so this month we featured a river to sea lipless crank bait, the ruckus. Great sound. This bait retails for 12 bucks at Tackle Warehouse. Lipless crank baits are a great bait to have this time of year, love fishing them. We've got Lunkerhunt, medium dive and crank bait. Lunkerhunt love their products. They're an innovative company that makes some really great products and they're run by some really good people.

This is a blade bait by Steelshad. This is a great bait for this time of year. You basically cast it out, you let it sink, you retrieve it with a steady retrieve or a jerky retrieve and then you let it flutter and it imitates wounded bait fish. Blade baits are awesome during the fall. Let's see, Bama Baits. It's a stick bait. These are a little heavier than normal. Bama Baits is run by this company, this family Don and Karen out of Alabama and they produce some really high quality base and had been servicing Alabama for a long time and I'm really excited that we can bring them to you. I love the blue-black flake. It's great for muddy water and perfect for this time of year. We got a throwback lures. It's a jointed swim bait. Throwback lures is made by Trophy Technologies. The two families that run that company, they make Castaic, reaction strike, and a slew of other baits. So they've been making quality baits for a long time.

Z-Man, don't need to say anything about Z-Man. I think you all know it. Here's an interesting shape. I'm going to hold it really close so can see it. It's from Hale Lures. It's called a mud puppy. So Robert Hale, when he designed these, he designed it so that it's easy to fish in either Texas rig or Carolina rig, but it's a really unique shape and it was one that we're really excited to bring you guys.

We got some of Mustad Ultra point and some helicopters flying over and then let me show you this one as well. IThis is SuperK. So SuperK Jigs is run by Corey and his business partner out of Wisconsin. They have this cult-like following for jigs up there. It's crazy when one of my influencers, Wisconsin Wildman told me about them, we tried to check it out. I'm going to hold it up so you guys can see it, but it's got super sticky hooks and these skirts that like, they never tear. They're amazing. And everyone, as we started doing research about it, the more I found out about it, the more everybody just raved about them in Wisconsin. So I was like, "All right, I got to have these things." So this is a three eights ounce football jig ... awesome for this time of year.

We gave everyone ... We partnered with Detour Sunglasses and they gave everybody a $15 cash card if you're watching this and you want to use my code, you can. You can go to Detour Sunglasses, use the code, you get 15 bucks off of any purchase. Of course you got a Monsterbass card or sorry, sticker and your card that details everything. All in all, it was like a $50 box in terms of value. All the baits were handpicked. All the baits were specific for the region and the season that we're fishing, and that's it. If you've get any questions or comments about the box, I'm happy to answer them. Comment down below. I'll put a promo code in the description. I hope you give it a try and you can see for yourself why Monsterbass is the better box. Have a great day.

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  • I received my first box and let me just I was really surprised by the baits I received. I compared the prices of the baits on the card to every bait in the to the website of every bait and they where spot on and the name brand. I will be keeping this subscription for awhile looks like. Great job Monsterbass on a monster box can’t wait for next months box.

    Andy Baker |
  • Who picks the baits for the PNW region?

    Mike |
  • I’m good with most of the box and actually like all of the items that came in it. I’m just confused because it came with 3 topwater baits: one spider and two poppers. For one, I wouldn’t think topwater is the bait of choice for January. Maybe I’m wrong and that’s why I can’t catch many fish. Two, I would think maybe just one topwater would have been good but again I plan to try all three at some point but just when I think they might actually have a chance of producing. Living in Central Valley California I was hoping for maybe a small swimbait or a jig for the winter would have been included. On the fence if I’ll renew, not based on amount of items or value, but because I thought it would really be more relevant to the bodies of water I fish and time of year.

    John Acha |
  • hi rick i just wanted to write you and tell you some of my family served in the military
    i just wanted to see if you would send me 2 live target baits free i just signed up on y’all’s
    subscription 3 days ago y’all are alsome i have a little boy who loves bass fishing Yall keep
    up the great work stay safe with liberty and freedom and the american way thank you
    for all you do

    steven compton |
  • yes would yall be willing to send me a monster tackle box and do a servay on it i live beside
    a creek yalls boxes look al-some i would love to try one out my name is steven thank you
    my address is 1475 gravel ridge road somerville alabama 35670

    steven compton |
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