October 2019 - Southern Region

October 2019 - Southern Region

If you liked what you saw for the 2019 October South Region in this video I encourage you to give it a try today.  You won't be disappointed.  Use code BLOG10 to save $10 off your first Regional Pro Series box.  Click here to join.


What's up guys. It's Alex, and today I've got a pretty cool video for you guys. Today's video we're going to be unboxing and doing an overview of all the baits that come in the October monster bass box for the Southern region. But before we get into that video, I've got a couple of things for you guys. Number one is a giveaway. I'm actually going to be giving away a MONSTERBASS box, but to figure out the rules on that, you're gonna have to watch on into the video to get all the rules so that you can enter yourself to win a MONSTERBASS Box just like this one. The next one is a discount code. Now me and Rick over at MONSTERBASS had a good long talk about a discount code for my audience. And I told them, I said, I want my discount code to be special, something that you're not gonna be able to find anywhere else.

And so we came up with "RUDD15" and what "RUDD15" does is it gets you $15 off! Yeah, not percent, but dollars off your first MONSTERBASS box. And really guys, it is the best discount code out there right now. You're not gonna find a better discount code from anyone else that's "RUDD15" It's, you know, it's one of those deals, guys that I wanted to give back to you as much as you given to me. I just thought it'd be really, really cool to be able to get you guys a really, really good discount code for MONSTERBASS. But like I said, we've got an to unboxing to do so let's get into this. There is a lot of awesome stuff in this month's box. Obviously I had a hand in picking some of the baits that come in this box and I picked some stuff - some, you know, really good baits that you just need to have in your box for this time of year, as well as some sneaky stuff that some people just don't really associate with Southern fishing but can get a ton of ton of bites.

Bait #1: (01:34)
So let's start with the first thing and that is our terminal for this box and that is the Stand Out drop shot hook. So what's really cool about this thing is it's got a little bit unique of a design unique to say the least. And what's cool about the design is how the hook is actually bent. So you guys can see there, it comes out, there's an eyelet here and then there's this weird kind of off here. So what you do is you actually tie on to this portion of the hook and then you run your line down to your weight through this eyelet. And what that does is when you actually put tension on that hook, it makes that hook stand out horizontally instead of laying down vertically. A lot of the problem that people have with throwing a drop shot is they don't actually know how to tie the drop shot hook on there and their bait wants to lay down like this. Instead of standing out like that. Well the people over at Stand Out fixed that problem and they made a hook design that helps guys that might not throw a drop shot a whole lot, be able to top the perfect drop shot. So really, really cool hook there.

Bait #2: (02:37)
The next thing is going to be the Venom worm. Now this one's cool because we were really thinking of you guys when we picked this out. We knew a lot of you guys are newer anglers. You may be an angler that has been around for a while, but you're starting to kind of branch out in your tackle box and you might be intimidated by those really, really big pieces of plastic. I love throwing like the 10 inch Bull Worm eight inch Bull Worm, the 12 inch Ole' Monster. Those are giant, giant pieces of plastic. And what we did was we got you guys a 10 inch worm, but with that finesse, size bulk, so you get the length that you need. And that's really important this time of year cause there's a lot of bass, especially on grass lakes, they start to move up in those shallow grass flats and eat those bigger than average bait fish. Those gizzard shad, those bream, those crappie and a big worm is one of the best ways to imitate some of those, uh, those types of bait. And so like I said, for some of you guys ttrowing a really big bulky piece plastic, it can be intimidating. So we found the Venom worm and what the Venom worm is, like I said, it's a 10 inch bait but it's in that finesse size package as far as the bulk of the worm. So what we gave you guys with something that you can go out, you can Texas rig up throwing a big shaky head, you can toss around in the grass, you can even toss around in your big clear reservoirs and you get that bigger than average profile as far as length, but you don't have to worry about like having a big specific rod for throwing all that plastic around. So something different for sure. Something that is still going to get that bigger than average bite but in a more compatible package for a lot of our anglers out there.

Bait #3: (04:16)
Now the next one is something I was super excited about and that is the Big Bite Baits College Craw. As you guys can see, I've already been into them cause I actually love this bait. It's something that I have some experience with. But what's cool about the College Craw is that for every package that we bought and for every package that Big Bite sells of this bait, they give money back to college fishing teams.

That's why they have the name of the College Craw. And the reason for that is college fishing and high school fishing at that too, but college fishing in particular is not an NCAA regulated sport. So what that means is it's still like a club. So these teams have to go out and they have to fund their own club, they have to fund all the entry fees and the boats and the gas and the uniforms and all that kind of stuff. And so what Big Bite did was they decided to make this craw so that they could give back to those teams and help those teams to be able to fund all of their college fishing stuff. But not only is it a cool cause, but it's actually a really, really good bait too! This bait is kind of built off the same platform as the battle bug in the battle bug is a bait from Big Bite that I fell in love with a couple of years ago when I did a full bait breakdown on, there's like actually a series I did with that bait. Well, they built this little craw and it's based off that same package and platform, but it doesn't have the ribbon tails and it's just in a little bit smaller, more finesse profile. But what's really, really cool about it is obviously it's in just a good standard craw package, but these claws are a little bit different.

They have just a small flange on them and what that flange does is it gives it just a little more subtle of an action. It doesn't have a wild kicking action like the battle bug or a chigger craw or a structure bug or something like that. So this thing is great for throwing on a shaky head. You can throw it on even on a neko rig is a little sneaky way to throw it. Just Texas rig it and flip it around, drag it behind the Carolina rig and it's got a good subtle action and it's going to do a good job of obviously not just mimicking your crawfish but as well as a bluegill and other bait fish like that as well.

So the College Craw is something I was super excited about when I found out Big Bite was making it, I was super excited about it because I found it, it was built off that Battle Bug platform, but then also we're giving back to the good cause and that is college fishing teams being able to go out and fish.

Bait #4: (06:29)
Now the next one, and this is our last plastic in the box, is super, super sneaky. This is something that has really lost the interest of a lot of anglers in the South, over the past couple of years, which I find strange, but it's still really prevalent in the North. And that is a tube. And I know what a lot of you guys are thinking. Alex, come on. A tube is such a Northern style bait, but that's where you would be wrong. A tube is one of the best baits in the whole entire world to flip and it's one of the best baits to imitate all a lot of different things.

You can imitate brim, bluegills, shad and even perch. A lot of guys don't know that our Southern lakes have a ton a ton of perch in them and flipping the tube is one of the best ways to imitate those types of baitfish. Now you know, don't just take my word for it, one of Jacob Wheeler's favorite baits in the whole entire world to flip is a tube. One of my favorite baits in the whole entire world to flip as a tube. Wesley Strader's another guy that lives in the Southern region that flips a tube all the time and like I said, it is just a great imitator for all those things. But what is really cool about the tube is it's a passive kind of bait. And what I mean by that is it's not like the College Craw or the Structure Bug and the fact that it has a flange that makes those legs kick, but instead it just has these appendages that come off the back here that have nothing to them.

But what's cool about that is when you add weight to the front of that tube, it creates this darting erratic action. It makes it dark down to the bottom and when you pick it back up, darts back up and it really kind of flares around and flashes around and what that does is it looks like a dying, injured, whatever you happen to be trying to mimic. In this month's box, we went with this color and we really picked that color based on it looks like crawfish, it looks like bluegill, it looks like perch, it looks like golden Shiner for you guys that live in Florida and it just looks like a little bit of everything. And so like I said, awesome, awesome action on this tube. It's something that a lot of guys in the South just sleep on, which they shouldn't because it is such an amazing tool, especially during the fall when those fish have seen a thousand creature baits, pick up a to go flip it and I'll promise you guys, you're going to get a really big bite.

Now before we go on, let's talk about our giveaway. So give away injury is really, really simple. Be subscribed to my channel, lick this video, and tell me the region of the country that you guys live in I know I've got viewers from all over the place. I know a lot of you guys are from the South, but I also know I got viewers from New Mexico, California, Washington. Hey, I've got viewers as far away as Australia, which is fricking wicked to me that there's people in Australia that watch my videos. But tell me what region of the country or country that you live in and you will be entered to win the giveaway.

Now the next four baits are all hard baits and three, the baits are shad imitators. One is a crawdad imitator and we picked so many shad bites just because of where we live. In the South we have a ton of shad, alewives, gizzards, threadfins, glass minnows and all of those shad start to make a push towards the bank this time of year. And when that happens those bass start to gorge themselves on those shad. And so we gave you guys four different shad imitators that can all be fished shallow. They give you four very distinct presentations so that you guys can kind of pick through them and figure out what your fish want.

Bait #5: (09:50)
Number one is the Strike King 4S series square bill crankbait. So this is a lot like the 1.5 in the fact that it's a square bill and the body size, but it's different in the fact of how deep that it dives. The 1.5 is really awesome for that 4-6 foot range of water where this thing is awesome in that 0-4 foot range of water.

And so what we were thinking of was the kayak anglers, the bank anglers, and you guys that you know are going to be fishing from the bank - you need a bait that you can get in and out of the water and still be able to cover a lot of water but not get it hung up as much and that's why we chose the 4S in this awesome shad profile. You still get that awesome square bill action that erratic hunting action but then you get it in a profile that's just a tad bit bigger than a 1.5 but dives just a little bit shallower so you guys are going to be looking for the big box but in the places that you guys are going to be fishing.

Bait #6: (10:41)
The next one is going to by Strike King - The Bleeding edge, spinner bait or bleeding bait series, spinner bait, excuse me a gain, another great shad profile. You can fish this thing around. Lay downs, rocks, boat dock posts, grass. It is just able to get in and out of places very, very easy, but still do a really good job of mimicking bait fish, small balls of bait fish and get bites on that thing as well.

Bait #7: (11:06)
And then the next one in the last shad profile is our MONSTERBASS Mad Dog swim bait. So this is kinda like the Bull Shad. But what we did here when we designed this bait was we wanted to make a profile that was still big at five inches long, but it only weighs five eighth of an ounce. That means you guys can go out and throw this thing on your seven foot medium rod or your seven and a half foot medium rod. You don't need swim bait specific gear to go out there and throw this thing, but we still want you to be able to have a little bit bigger than average profile so you can get that bigger than average bite.

A lot like the square bill and the spinner bait. You can fish it in a lot of the same places, throw it out there, rolling over the tops of grass around, rip rap around dock posts, around lay downs and I can promise you guys, like I said, it's going to draw that bigger than average bites on it. Probably put one of the bigger fish that you'll catch into the boat all year. Another cool thing is we went ahead and upgraded the terminal tackle and this thing for you. So you guys are getting awesome hooks, awesome split rings. You're not gonna have to worry about this thing falling apart.

Bait #8: (12:03)
And then our last bait is something that I've already put on my rod. It's something I've already been fishing. It's something I was so adamant that we needed to put in this month's box and something that I'm super excited for you guys to be getting and that is the SPRO RK Crawler.

You guys have been around my channel for any amount of time. You will know I absolutely love fishing, small body medium-sized dive and crank baits and the Rock Crawler is one of my favorites. It is such an awesome bait. It is very similar to the Wiggle Wart in the way that it hunts through the water, but you've got the castability of a bait with a weight transfer system in it and then you've also got the upgrade of the Gamakatsu hooks hooks on there, so this thing is ready to rock and roll right out of the package. This thing will dive anywhere from that four to about eight foot range of water. If you fish on a little bit lighter line, you'll be able to get it down to that 10 to 12 foot range. But really this is like SPRO's version of the Bandit 200 so you get the original rock crawler, which gets down to that 14 foot range almost.

That's kind of like the Bandit 300 but then they come out with this one which is kinda like the Bandit 200 you can fish in that a little bit shallower water, little bit rockier areas, you know a little bit thicker laydowns be able to get that thing in and out a lot easier. We included it in the Red Craw color. You guys know, I'm a huge advocate of as soon as the water starts cooling down to start throwing crawdad color crank baits. And that's because those fish start gorging up on crawdads as well as bluegills as well as shad. But the crawdads especially - really when the water starts to cool down and more and more and those basses, metabolisms start to slow more and more. You have to get them to react to things. And when they're really keyed in on crawfish, these crawfish colors are gonna are how you're going to get them to actually react to this bait and put a ton of fish into the boat.

So like I said, guys, I am just so excited for you guys to have this bait. This is a more expensive type of crank bait. A lot of you guys are a little intimidated to go out and buy this just because of the price point on it. But we got them for you guys included in this month's box so that you guys can try it out, see what you think. And like I said, it is already on my cranking stick and it's thing will probably stay on my cranking stick for a good while just because of how awesome of a bait that it actually is.

But as always, guys - thank you for watching. If you have any questions or comments about anything, that came in this month's box about MONSTERBASS - make sure you go leave it down in the comment section down below.

I will let that count as your comment for the giveaway, but if you don't have a comment, please make sure you enter the giveaway. Like I said, like this video, be subscribed to my channel, leave a comment or the region of the country that you guys live in. Also make sure you use that discount code. I make no money off that thing. Absolutely no money. I got that discount code for you guys and you guys alone so that you guys could get an awesome discount on an awesome product like MONSTERBASS. Also, go down to the description. I'll have links for everything that I talked about - the link, so you guys can check out MONSTERBASS. You use that discount code. All that will be linked down below as well as pin in the top comment.

But as always, you guys are SWEET! Thanks for watching.

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October Unboxing | Great Fall Baits

October Unboxing | Great Fall Baits

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