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September 2019 - Midwest Region

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Video Transcript:
What's going on, everyone. Benjamin Nowak, with MONSTERBASS and I want to do a quick unboxing for you of the Midwest box for the month of September.

Now I heard you smallmouth anglers wanted more smallmouth specific baits so I helped pick some smallmouth specific baits that I think you guys are going to get pretty excited about. So, with that said, let's get into this box. And, the first thing you're going to notice is your regional pro series bait card. This is going to have all the MSRPs and the companies of the baits that are featured in this month's box. But, on the backside of that, we're running a MONSTERBASS unboxing challenge. If you guys want to do an unboxing like I'm doing right here, you have a shot to win $100 from MONSTERBASS. All have to do is use hashtag the batter box film an unboxing, put it on YouTube and we're going to give $100 away to someone that does an awesome unboxing.

You're also going to get a MONSTERBASS sticker. Each month we're going to give you a MONSTERBASS sticker to on your tackle box, to go on your boat, your truck wherever you want to put this thing. MONSTERBASS sticker looks awesome.

The first bait you're going to notice is the Savage Gear 3D Bat. Now, I know out of the package, this looks super gimmicky, right? It looks like a bat. I mean bass don't eat bats, this is pike bait. Guys, crawling baits like this one here, are taking the market by storm. Jackall recently came out with one MegaBass, came out with the walking bait. The original one was a Heddon Crazy Crawler, which I threw like 10 years ago, right? You're seeing crawling baits take over the market. Savage Gear came out with the 3d Bat. We thought it'd be an awesome way to introduce you guys to this style of top water right when these smallmouth and largemouth come up here, shallow, eating topwater baits, so go around, go out, throw the 3d Bat around and I promise you're going to get some big blow ups on this thing.

Fishing Catch:

Smallie, pretty decent smallie. Yes, dude. Check that out. Smallmouth on the bat. Thank you fish.

You're also going to notice the LIVETARGET three and a half inch swim bait. This is perfect for those late season blue gill spawners that are going around. If you go out to your home body of water, you're going to notice these honeycomb bluegill beds. Throw this around those bluegill beds and you're sure to get bit.

The next bait is very much so crossover bait, small or largemouth. But, I'm really going to like this bait for smallmouth this fall. When those smallmouths are grouping up shallow feeding on bait fish and the water gets a little dirty with this late season rain, a Spinnerbait is an awesome bait to reel through there and absolutely get your arm broken. Three eight ounce Strike King spinner bait with chartreuse and white skirt and it's going to just get bit. Chartreuse is like kryptonite for smallmouth, they can't help but go up and bite it.

The next thing you're going to get are your Mustad Big Bite, 3/0 hooks and these are going to pair perfectly with all of the plastics, so I'll show you here in just a minute. Well, we'll pull all the plastics right now. The Great Lakes series plastics are going to pair perfect with that 3/0 hook and the plastics in this pack are they're frog style plastics. But, don't be fooled. This does not have to be fish like a top water frog. I'm actually taking this bait, rigging it on the back of a wobble head and these legs go insane underwater. It's made of a super soft plastic. This is actually a subsidiary company of Smart Baits. So, Great Lakes Plastics is a subsidiary of Smart Baits, so it's the same Smart Baits style of plastic, that soft plastic and it draws a lot of big bites, whether you're fishing it as a top water frog or whether you're fishing it as a trailer on the back of a buzz bait or fishing it on a wobble head, it's going to draw a lot of big bites for you, so that's a Great Lakes Soft plastic.

Now, for you smallmouth anglers, this is something that I'm super excited about. This is the X-Zone lures, finesse slammer in the 309 color. So, when we started talking about what kind of soft plastics we wanted in the box, especially for smallmouth fishermen, we needed to put a drop shot bait in there. This looks just like gobies. If you don't have gobies in your body of water, this looks just like the perch with the green pumpkin back, a little bit of purple and orange and a translucent belly. This is going to crush big smallmouth this fall. Go out, throw it around on your drop shot. You can also ned rig if you guys are more into that, but it's just an awesome little drop shot bait that's going to smash some giant smallmouth for you guys.

Now, we're going to get into the Blade Runner. Now, one of my favorite ways to catch fish this time of year is on reaction style baits and a Blade Runner is basically a swim bait with a blade underneath and it's going to draw attention for that fish to come up and eat this bait. When you have these giant pods of bait fish using an underspin style bait, it's going to draw attention to your bait. It's going to draw you a lot of big bites, especially like I mentioned with that late season rain, that blade's going to give it a little bit of flash, a little bit of turbulence behind the bait. Help those fish find that. It's going to crush some big fish for you guys. This is 3/8oz size. You get two swim baits with this thing, so if we go through the first one, you have another one in there. You can fish it on ponds, fish it on lakes, you can fish it however you fish, this is an awesome bait cover water with, especially as we move into the fall.

And, now the last soft plastic bait is the Z Man MinnowZ. So, the MinnowZ are a swim bait style profile and there'll be perfect replacements for the back of that underspin or you can rig this basically just on your favorite jig heads sort around. It's a smaller profile. It's made with that Elaztech material, so it's going to last a long time for you guys. It's going to catch you a ton of fish.

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's unboxing, it's for the Midwest of the MONSTERBASS regional pro box.

If you did, have any questions, comments, give it a thumbs up, let us know in the comment section below. I'll be down there responding to each and every one of those personally.  Again, my name is Benjamin Nowak, catch you guys soon.


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