October 2019 Midwest Unboxing

October 2019 Midwest Unboxing

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What's going on everyone. My name is Benjamin Nowak with MONSTERBASS and today I'm going to be doing an unboxing of the October Midwest MONSTERBASS box. And as you guys can see behind me, there's a ton of colors. It's smallmouth season, it's football season up here in the Midwest and these fish are starting to chew. So there's going to be a lot of smallmouth bass baits in here.

There's going to be some really exciting baits that have never been put in a subscription based box before. Some really cool things are going to be coming in this one box. So without further ado, let's get into this thing and show you guys what kind of baits we got.

Well first thing first, you're going to always notice is your bait card and a sticker. Now I'm not going to go through the bait card because I'm going to show you guys the baits and I'm gonna walk you guys through how I would throw these baits, where would throw them, what I would be using to catch fish.

BAIT #1 - SPRO Rk Crawler
Now, the home run bait that made that I'm super excited to show you guys is the SPRO Rk Crawler. Now this is a tried and true crank bait. When you're cranking during the fall, you're bound to catch some big fish, so I'm glad that we included a crank bait. I knew it was a necessity to include a crank bait, especially for the smallmouth fishermen and those largemouth fishermen in the fall because they eat crankbaits - they like to eat moving baits. They're trying to feed up and get fat before that winter push. So the SPRO Rk Crawler is going to get the job done. It's a four to eight foot diving crank bait. It comes in the spring craw color, which I really like because it has that chartreuse sides.  The brown back and orange belly looks just like a bunch of different types of forage, whether it's crawfish or perch.

When that water gets a little bit off color, you can use to imitate a whole bunch of different types of forage with just this one bait. Now I'm going to be throwing this on a crankbait specific setup. So seven foot, to a seven foot six medium action crank bait rod, a bait casting setup, and I'm going to throw it on 12 to 14 pound test fluorocarbon line. One thing with crank baits that's really unique is you can control their diving depth based on the pound test line that you're using. If you want us to dive deeper, use lighter line. If you want it to dive shallower, use heavier line so you can control the depth. That's why I says four to eight you can control how deep this bait dives depending on the line that you're using.

BAIT #2 - Norman HD DD22

Now moving on, the next crank bait in the box is the Norman Lures, HD DD22. so this is a heavy duty deep diver, which means you can cast it along ways which is important for cranking, for smallmouth because you want to get that bait as far away from the boat, the kayak, or the bank as possible.  It dives 11 to 17 feet. I'm going to throw this on that same cranking rod.  And for those of you guys that watch the Bassmaster Elite Series, Stetson Blaylock was fishing this bait and caught a ton of big fish. I believe he finished second in that event and he was fishing the Norman in that tournament. So it's a tried and true bait catches big, small and largemouth and works up here in the Midwest.

BAIT #3 - Savage Gear 3d Bluegill

The next bait is a large mouth specific bait, quite frankly, and that is the Savage Gear Bluegill. Now this is a bait that when you get it out of the box, you're going to say, man, that's a big bait. Like I don't have confidence throwing it. What's so cool about this bait and getting it in the fall is that bass will chase and eat this size bait.

A lot of times throughout the year, fish get finicky and they don't want to eat those bigger baits, but in the fall, they're just looking to feed up really heavy. The bluegills and other baitfish starts to push shallow. So this is a perfect size to imitate all the bluegills and all the bait fish that are pushing shallow. So don't be afraid to throw this bait.

It's a little bit bigger, but if you want to get out chase really giant fish that are pushing shallow, this is going to be a great way to do it. I'm going to fish this on a little bit bigger baitcasting set up a basically seven foot to seven foot six, medium heavy or heavy power rod - fast action. Basically you just, your standard action bait casting set up. I'm going to fish it on 15 to 20 pound fluorocarbon line or you can fish it on braid and I'm going to be fishing a shallow, so I'm going to be looking for areas where there's creeks pushing back up into cuts or there's shallow water areas where those big bass are going to be hanging out is what I'm going to be throwing that on.   I'm going to use like a six, four to one or a seven speed bait casting reel for that bait.

BAIT #4 - Strike King Bleeding Buzz Bait

The next hard bait in the box is the Strike King Bleeding Bait, Buzz Bait. Now this is a 3/8 ounce and what I like about this bait is right here at the nose where that that blade is, it actually has a cone. When that's grass starts to die off, it starts matting up shallow. This cone is going to help this bait from not getting a weeded up and keep that blade spinning. It's going to kind of deflect that grass and those weeds away from that blade. Allow that bait to be fished really shallow no matter what kind of cover of vegetation you're fishing and you can use it for small mouth as well. That chartreuse red looks really good and smallmouth just hate chartreuse as I already mentioned.  So it's really good bait for both smallmouth or largemouth.

BAIT #5 - BITE Grub

Rather than going order. I'm going to show you guys the trailer that I'm going to pair with that buzz bait and this is the Bite grub from Catch Company Outdoors.  I'm just going to rig this on the back of that buzz bait just like that. It's going to give it a little bit extra bulk which is going to kind of help keep that bait up in the water. And that's a really good tip for you guys. When you're fishing a buzz bait, when you're fishing something, you want to keep up in the water column, put a trailer on it, it's going to help give that base and lift, keep it up in the water, and it's going to help that look like a little bait fish coming right across the top of the water.  That's why we included these grubs. You can also fish these on them on a standard jig head and it'll catch big smallmouth and largemouth as well. But I like to rig it on the back of that buzz bait.  That's where I'm going to really find that most effective.

BAIT #6 - Cruncher's Baits 3.5" Tube

The next bait in the box is the Crunchers baits tube. If you watch my channel at all, you know that these are tubes that I throw.  This is your standard smallmouth style tube. This color is called "The Shiz" and it's one of their most popular colors.  It's my favorite color that Crunchers makes. But if you guys want to go catch big smallmouth, take this bait and rig it on a jig head and a go fishing, you can fish it on a spinning rod, a bait casting setup - it doesn't matter, just rig it with whenever size weight you need so that bait is on bottom.

I typically use a 1/4 or a 3/8oz tube head inside of there.  I rig it with that open hook. So it works best if you're fishing around sparse grass or open bottom where that bait's not gonna really get hung up or balled up in that grass. So the Crunchers Baits tube you can fish is shallow, but my favorite place to fish it is that 8 to 10 foot range, sparse grass, rock piles, anywhere that those fish are going to be staging up, feeding up, getting ready for that fall push and a those big small mouth. Typically this time of year are going to be in the 8 to 10 foot range.  This will catch those fish that are eating anything like Gobies or baitfish down there on the bottom feeding and they'll smash smallmouth. They're just going to come and smash that thing across along the bottom.

BAIT #7 - Big Bite Baits College Craw

The next soft plastic bait is the Big Bite Baits College Craw. The College Craw is an awesome jig trailer. Now this is basically how I'm going to use this bait is on the back of a jig, but the color that came in my box is black blue with red flake. One thing that a lot of people don't think about when they're fishing a craw style trailer is that these crawfish, when they molt the last time, they'll get that really dark and blue. And uh, this is going to be a perfect imitation on the back of a green pumpkin or a black and blue jig. So I'm going to rig this, probably bite off the first two sections, threaded up out of that jig and it's going to be a great jig trailer.

Now you can also fish this on a Texas rig. My buddy Alex Epperson fishes it basically on a really light Texas rig, swimming it through the grass, but I'm typically gonna fishes on a bait casting rod with the jig on the back of a jig trailer.

BAIT #8: Stand Out Dropshot Hooks

And finally, the hooks that came in this month's box are the Stand Out Drop Shot hooks. So what you'll do is you'll tie it off to this little loop here, run your line through this and it will always stand straight out off of your line. It's going to help you have an awesome hookup ratio when you're fishing a drop shot bait, which is another great way to catch big, smallmouth and largemouth during the fall.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this, this little unboxing for you guys.  If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comments section below. I'll be down there responding to each and every one of you. But I hope this helps. Gives you some idea of how to fish these baits, what to fishes baits with how to use them, and how to be most effective on the water. But thank you guys for watching and I'll catch you guys next time.

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