Tips For When To Use Trailers With Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

Tips For When To Use Trailers With Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

To use or not to use... that's a fair question.  I hear this all the time.  When should I use a trailer on a spinnerbait? Or should I ever? I was unsure myself on whether I actually needed to attach a trailer to my spinnerbaits or buzzbaits. Below are a few tricks and tactics that have worked for me!


Naked spinnerbaits without a trailer are my go-to clear water bass slayer. I prefer the smaller profile in clear water, because it may convince a startled bass to eat. If I plan to fish the spinnerbait in a shallower wake, I may add a small grub or chunk trailer to add a bit of girth to the presentation, as well as buoyancy. It also has the added benefit of allowing the bait to fished slower than without the trailer, and while maintaining the same depth. When choosing a trailer for a spinnerbait, I like to match the hard bait. With regards to profile, different trailers create different actions. I tend to select trailers with some bulk, but little action. That way, I won’t overpower the spinnerbait or cause any problems with the way it runs. 


Buzzbaits are a great option that work in similar situations as spinnerbaits. However, I often opt for larger, fuller-bodied trailers like creature baits or toads. I’ve also been known to attach a full-bodied swimbait when I’m feeling “dangerous”. This often enhances the action on big buzzbaits. Be sure to match the size and color of the bait to the trailer to ensure a better action and presentation. 

The mystery of trailers plagues anglers every season. The best way to test what works for you in your body of water, is to experiment with different baits and trailers. A handful of inexpensive trailer bodies in multiple profiles makes for a fun afternoon when fishing a spinnerbait or buzzbait. 


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  • interesting article. i would have thought maybe some late season chatterbaits would have made the list. maybe even our bandito bug. but what do i know.

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