Quick Update: Week of October 23

Quick Update: Week of October 23

Building relationships based upon honesty and open communication... is one of the core values that this company is built on. Every week i'll give you the updates. The good and the bad. So here goes...

Two quick things about this video... 

  1. As I promised here's an exclusive code for you since it was my birthday week. Get your first box for as little as $10 when you use code RICK15 at checkout. click here
  2. I also forgot to mention in this video that the Monsterbass Patriot that I mentioned in the video was one of a 100 that I randomly put into the boxes. I also left out a bait by Savage Gear. It was a long day. My apologies.

Have a great week.  Thank you.


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October Unboxing | Great Fall Baits

October Unboxing | Great Fall Baits

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