3 Things To Remember To Guarantee a Better Day Of Fishing

3 Things To Remember To Guarantee a Better Day Of Fishing

Fishing tactics, techniques, and bait selection aside, there are many other important factors that contribute to you having a great day on the water. No, they aren’t as glamorous as buying the newest JDM bait to hit the market, but they will make your day on the water more enjoyable. 

Hydrate! Although you are usually fishing… on the water… remember to stay really well hydrated throughout the day. Dehydrating yourself by not sipping water or eating certain snack foods will quickly shorten the enjoyable length of your day on the water. Headaches and fatigue will quickly sink in, and you may end up quitting early. So remember to drink your damn water! 

Close your latches & hatches… Everything is going well, and you have your tackle bag or box out and swapping baits. Fine. But one foul move, and you lose a ton of your baits to the water. Not fine. Simply remembering to close your hatches, latches, or bags will prevent anything happening to the baits or lures you spent your hard earned money on. Additionally, I know I don’t have am unlimited number of similar baits that I can replace when the bite is hot on a specific bait. I prefer not to lose mine if I can help it. 

Stay organized. Boringgggg! Who wants to talk about organizing tackle? I don’t. However, it definitely is something that saves me time and energy on the one day I get off to fish. Don’t waste that time sorting through boxes of soft plastics, but rather, spend it hooking into fish by putting in the legwork and man hours ahead of time. Stay organized!

Last but certainly not least... bring the baits you get from your MONSTERBASS box.  Why?  I think this picture says it all... And if you haven't signed up yet... use code BLOG10 and save $10 at checkout.

Hopefully this was informative and helps you remember some of the few things that you don’t want to remember! Now get out on the water, and hook into a monster! Tight lines!

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