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Advanced Tips and Tricks | The Power Shot


When it hit American shores from Japan, the drop shot was a finesse rig through and through. Light line, light weight, and worked best when fished slowly. As the technique migrated south, bass anglers accustomed to heavy line and faster tactics adapted the original concept to become something affectionately known as the Bubba Rig, or the power shot.

Power shotting calls for upsized everything: heavier weights, bigger hook size, thicker braid and a heavy action rod. 

As with a typical drop shot, weight styles can be tweaked. A slim, cylindrical shape will easily slide in and out of cover such as rocks, while a squatter profile will increase bottom contact and feel. Many anglers use the same barrel weights for power shotting that they use when Carolina rigging.

One reason to use the power shot is that the presentation looks a little different from the standard Texas rigs and jigs bass have seen all spring. When fishing heavily pressured waters, the power shot can generate bites without the need to use lighter line that may be prone to breaking in rough cover.

Power shotting will get the bait off bottom where it can dance and fall slowly to entice wary bass. Or it can be tightlined to hang in the middle of the water column and quiver in place like a live baitfish.

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