Top 5 Baits For Post-Spawn Bass Fishing

Each year when the bass complete their annual spawn, the post-spawn period begins. Some anglers refer to it as a “post-spawn funk” as bass are sometimes lethargic and exhausted from spawning, but the period can also offer excellent bass fishing. The following are the top five baits to use for post-spawn bass fishing.


This time of year is usually the start of summer topwater fishing and just about any topwater bait will catch their fair share of bass. Walking topwater lures are an excellent place to start for open water fish, but poppers and prop baits allow anglers to fish slower around shallow cover where many bass will still be located as they recuperate from the spawn and as male bass protect their fry.





bass fishing spawn crank baitEarlier in the year, the best crankbaits are generally those with tight actions, but the post-spawn is when anglers should focus their attention on aggressive moving crankbaits.  Shallow squarebills and deep diving crankbaits with a wide wobble are top producers for post-spawn bass fishing.

Plastic Worms

curly tail plastic worms for bass fishingThe plastic worm is one of the oldest lures in bass fishing, and they continue to account for large numbers of bass every year. The post-spawn is one of the best times to use a Texas-rigged plastic worm, and the options of what to use are endless.  Some of the best producers are large, ribbon tail worms that appear to be a big meal for bass looking to feed up after the spawn.






livetarget hollow body frog bass fishingAs the water warms up, topwater frogs can be one of the most exciting ways to catch a bass. The post-spawn is usually the start of frog fishing, and anglers can use them over any cover without getting hung up.  Lily pads, matted grass and around docks and brush are great places to throw a frog, and they are also areas where bass will rest during the post-spawn period.


During the spawn, bass often go days without eating so it makes sense that they spro swimbait bass fishing subscription box monster basswould be hungry when they wrap things up. One of the best ways for anglers to tempt them with a big meal is with a swimbait.  Choosing the correct size and type of swimbait can vary by region, but the slow and natural swimming motion of a swimbait is something that bass everywhere will find appealing.

During the post-spawn period, bass are hungry, and the water is warm enough to keep them active. The five lures listed above are proven ways to catch bass this time of year.

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