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The Best Baits to Throw When Bass are Spawning

Each year the bass spawn occurs when water temperatures and other factors during Spring tells them it is time. Male bass get to work, making a nest (or “bed”) and begin to court female bass. When they finally choose their partner, the female lays eggs, followed by the male fertilizing them and then protecting the nest.

Fishing for spawning bass requires locating bass beds found in the shallows of lakes, ponds and riverbeds. While it may seem easy to land spawning bass, it is not always the case and often requires a little patience, stealth and knowledge of the best baits to toss.

Here are our three proven bait styles for catching spawning bass

Craws and Creature Baits

X Zone Adrenaline Craw - Creature Bait Nothing gets the attention of bass like the threat of a predator looking to feed on their offspring. Both craws and creature baits can have flapping appendages which appeals to the instinct of bass to protect their young. Craws and creature baits are two of the best baits to throw when bass are spawning. 

Soft Stickbaits

neko rig stick bait_MotionFishingCo.These lures are some of the most versatile available, and one thing that makes them so effective is how many different ways you can rig them. For spawning bass, a weightless wacky-rig allows the bait to enter the spawning beds slowly. A Neko Ri (pictured above), which has a weight in one end of the bait, allows the lure to stand up vertically as it is retrieved and is another great way to fish this style of soft plastics. 

A Drop-Shot Rig

Dropshot underwater lookThe rig itself is more of a factor than the soft plastic bait used. This setup has a weight on the bottom, and approximately 12” above the weight is a hook tied directly in line with the weight. The rig allows the bait to move freely with each twitch of the rod while the weight remains stationary. Just about any soft plastic bait will do, but the beauty of the drop-shot is that you can shake the lure in place to get the attention of the bass until he is ready to bite.

Don't rely upon luck the next time you hit the water.  Reach into your tackle box and grab one of these baits and give one of these three approaches a try.

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