Top 5 Baits for Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing

Top 5 Baits for Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing

The period before bass spawn can be some of the best fishing every year. The fish are hungry, fat, and generally willing to bite. Many lures will work, but the following are our top five baits that everyone needs in their tackle box for pre-spawn bass fishing.


Either diving baits or lipless versions are good choices for bass fishing during the pre-spawn. Anglers can quickly use them to cover water quickly in search of actively feeding bass.

Several different colors may work, but the best approach is to match the forage in your local waters. A proven option is red or crawfish colored crankbaits, and they produce in lakes and rivers everywhere.



The jig is a bass fishing staple and works throughout the year, but it is especially productive for bass feeding up before they spawn. There are several varieties of jigs available to anglers, and some of the most popular choices during the pre-spawn are swim jigs, pitching jigs, and football jigs.

One of the ways to adjust your jig’s action and fall is to experiment with different soft plastic trailers. A chunk style trailer is one of the most popular, but adding a crawfish imitator or double tail grub can quickly change the appearance of your offering.



Jerkbaits are another lure type that catches fish in every month of the calendar, but they are especially useful during the pre-spawn period as the water begins to warm up. They imitate baitfish, and the action they produce draws fish from long distances.

A standard ‘jerk, jerk, pause’ retrieve will catch fish anywhere this time of year. As a general rule, the colder the water, the longer you should pause your bait during the retrieve.

Cold Water Fishing? Watch this video!



From small three-inch paddle tails to large trout imitators, this type of lure is an excellent choice early in the year. Their natural swimming action allows them to imitate a wide variety of baitfish.

Choosing the right size, shape and color comes down to where you are fishing. Adjust your swimbait size and color as close as possible to what the bass are eating.


Vibrating Jigs

The vibrating jig, also known as a ChatterBait, is one of the most effective lures for catching bass this time of year. They can be fished around grass, docks, or in open-water and the vibration produced from them appeals to hungry bass.


The pre-spawn period is one of the best times of year to be on the water. The next time you are heading out, make sure you have a selection of the top five baits for pre-spawn bass fishing.

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