Deception Worm

By: X Zone Lures
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Made from a specialized blend of soft plastic, when fished with weight the Deception Worm will stand with its tail straight up off the bottom to tempt fish into striking.  Try them rigged 'straight' or Tex-posed without any weight, or Wacky rig them and twitch them quickly with short strokes for a lively presentation. Infused with super fine salt and a secret scent formula for an added level of attraction that will make bass hold on longer once they strike. This bait ships in miscellaneous colors.

  • Size: 6"
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

The Deception Worm is designed to be the perfect shakey head worm.  The bait features a blend of plastic that causes the tail to float up when fished along the bottom.  Our recommended way to fish this bait is on the back of a shakey head jig with light line on a spinning setup.  Using a Medium Light or Medium Power spinning rod with braid main line to a fluorocarbon leader is recommended and will get you the most bites on a shakey head.  Although this bait was designed for fishing on a spinning rod and light line, this bait is far more versatile than it may appear. Another great way to fish this bait is on the back of a small Texas Rig, flipped around shallow sparse grass and cover.  The thin profile allows this to slip in and out of cover easily and is a good way to catch finicky bass..

  • Reel:  5.2:1 ratio Spinning Reel
  • Rod:  Medium Light or Medium action Spinning rod
  • Main Line:  10-20lb test braid
  • Leader Line: 6-12lb test fluorocarbon

 This bait is made of a very soft plastic that allows for a positive hookup ratio whether rigged on a shakey head or Texas rig.  It is a go-to bait for catching bass across the country and perfect for a variety of techniques whether you’re fishing from the bank or boat.  This works well around all types of cover where bass are living - docks, rocks, grass, or wood - you can fish this bait effectively on a variety of presentations to catch bass wherever you’re fishing.