November 2021 ICE Fishing Unboxing

Nov 03, 2021 This Month’s Bass Fishing Box

The MONSTERBASS Ice Pass is back and we couldn't be more excited. The start of four months of drilling holes and chasing rod tips is finally here, and so is the November MONSTERBASS Ice Fishing box! Watch Paul Glass of Burly Fishing unbox the November Ice Fishing box and share tips on how to rig and fish everything in the box. November is loaded with proven fish catchers and the best ice fishing lures and tackle.

Let's take a closer look at everything in the November MONSTERBASS Ice Fishing box.

Widow Maker Lures Tungsten Caddis Cane Jigs

Widow Maker Lures Caddis Cane Tungsten Jigs

The Tungsten Caddis Cane is a revolutionized version of the best selling lead Caddis Cane that has been catching fish for over 30 years! These tiny, yet mighty ice fishing jigs are shaped to resemble the caddis nymph larva, and are perfect fishing for panfish. Pairs beautifully with Bassreaper Bait Co Spike.

Bassreaper Bait Co Spike

Bassreaper co Spike Worm

Family owned and operated in Niagara, Wisconsin, Bassreaper is known for their small-batch, tournament winning baits. The 1.25" Spikes have a tantalizing tail that moves with the slightest of current in a way that is so realistic, making them a great alternative to live bait. Spikes' tube shaped body matches nicely with the size and shape of the Caddis Cane jig.

EuroTackle Original Bloodworm

EuroTackle Bloodworm 

If panfish could talk, they would tell you that bloodworms are their favorite meal, so our friends at EuroTackle designed a soft plastic lure to be identical to the natural bloodworm. Made from a very high quality, ultra light plastic that moves and mimics a live bloodworm shaking in the water. This micro finesse lure is fantastic when targeting bluegill and other panfish. 

Big Bite Baits Ballzy

Big Bite Baits Ballzy in pink glow ice fishing lureBig Bite Baits created the Ballzy with ice fishing in mind. Its small profile is smartly sized to catch trout and panfish. The Big Bite Ballzy has a spherical design which not only imitates fish eggs and other small forage, it creates a ton of commotion in the water.

Band of Anglers Rota Grub

Band of Anglers Rota Grub Vertical Ice Fishing Lure


The Rota-Grub is the breed of 2 curly tails paired together to offer the most lifelike action ever in the vertical fishing world. The Rota-Grub reacts to the smallest rod tip movement for finesse fishing & finicky fish with its patent-pending Rota-Move action. When jigged at the right cadence and amplitude, this twin lure rotates 360 degrees as long as the cadence continues. This creates a lot of water turbulence as well as a very unique 3D visual effect.

Lindy Glow Spoon

Lindy Glow Spoon Ice Fishing Spoon 

Lindy Fishing Tackle's revolutionary Glow Spoon gives ice anglers a new weapon for attracting fish and triggering strikes. Replaceable glow sticks to light up the plastic spoon, which radiates the light in the color of the spoon. The unique shape imparts a swimming action on the drop, while tungsten rattles call in gamefish from distance.

Blitz Blade

Blitz Lures Ice Fishing Blade

The Blitz Blade is a very unique blade bait, made from 100% zinc! Zinc is lighter than lead in the same form factor which allows the lure to fall in a more realistic manner than a traditional lead blade bait. The Blitz Blade features offsetting fins on each side of the head. These fins allow the lure to spiral down when it sinks after a cast or drop for vertical jigging, mimicking a dying bait fish. 

Looter Lure Ultra-Lite

Looter Lure Ice Fishing Lure

The Ultra-Lite is a premium silver-plated lure that is laser engraved to create multiple flash points. Its circular, fiber optic middle retains its color at any depth. Perfect for freshwater, saltwater, and ice fishing, its one of those lures you can drop and catch fish just about anywhere! A must have for any fisherman's tackle box. 

The November MONSTERBASS Ice Fishing box is a must have for the avid ice angler. Get yours before they sell out! JOIN NOW!

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