July MONSTERBASS Regional Pro Series Best Bass Fishing Subscription

July Unboxing | Tokyo Rig

 If you love bass fishing as much as we love America, than you're going to love this month's MONSTERBASS Regional Pro Series bass fishing subscription box!

Dive into the latest tactic to make bass go Godzilla on your soft plastics-the Tokyo rig. Plus, wake up shallow bass with a subsurface missile, or dredge up schools of 'em from offshore ledges.

Everything you need for sizzling summer success!

Whether you're new to bass fishing or looking to smash your PB, the MONSTERBASS Regional Pro Series bass fishing subscription is designed to help you become a better angler and put you on bigger bass more often. Each month, you'll receive a carefully crafted kit of baits hand-selected for where you live and fish, that highlights bass fishing's most tried and true techniques.

See which subscription program is right for you and use code SAVE15 at check out to get $15 off your first box!

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Video transcript:

Speaker 1:
There's two things I love about this month, bass fishing and America's birthday. And if you love bass fishing, as much as I love America's birthday, then you're going to want to hook yourself up with a subscription to MONSTERBASS, because it's guaranteed to help you have your best fishing season ever. I'm going to help you catch more fish, and here's how. Not only is it a box full of some of the best baits, but I give you a 20 page guidebook. I break it all down, show you exactly how to use it. Not me, Mikey Balls, Alex Rudd, two of the best sticks on the planet. Five or six video lessons on every bait in the box. What to use, when to use. If you can't catch more fish after this box, I don't know what you're doing. All right, stickers, golden ticket. Why a golden ticket? Because every Thursday I got a live call in show.

Speaker 1:
Still don't know what to do with the baits that come in the box, call me up on the phone. I'll probably have a pro or two on the line and they'll show you or they'll tell you how to actually use it. All right. Now this time of year, when it's America's birthday, the fish sometimes like to go a little bit deep. So what do we do? We hooked you up with a Tokyo rig set up. What's a Tokyo rig? They've been fishing this over in Japan and on tour for quite some time. I gave you the full tungsten Tokyo rig setup. I gave you some Flappin' Hogs from Gary Yamamoto. You're going to learn the Tokyo rig basics from one of the best guys. Then this time of year, we also love flipping and pitching. We got you another setup with Buckeye Jigs and Z-Man. Again, who loves you? MONSTERBASS and America.

Speaker 1:
Fish like to go deep. We're going to show you some deep cranking off the ledges. We got none other then the bearded bad man himself, walking you through how to fish a Seeker 12 off of some of the ledges. Now as a guy who just fished ledges for the first time, when he threw some deep crank baits on the water, I'd never caught fish before this way, within five minutes I was catching fish. And let me tell you Seeker doesn't disappoint. Okay. Now, you want to wake and... No, that's a different video. If you want to use weight bait as a search bait, check this one out. This is from Dual Hardcore. Now this is the second lineup from Yo-Zuri. As you know, Yo-Zuri makes some of the best baits on the planet. They got the sickest paint schemes, and this bait doesn't disappoint. Normally goes for $20 bucks at Tackle Warehouse. It's on sale right now, but it's in the MONSTERBASS box. You're going to love it.

Speaker 1:
And then one of the last ones we got here, this a Squarebill from Thunderhawk. We're going to show you how to fish this in heavy cover. Usually get a lot of vegetation this time of year, we're going to show you how to throw the Squarebill and still catch a lot of fish. And then we've got another setup for jigging modifications. Again, all from your friends at MONSTERBASS. And if you think that you're pretty good, then here's, well, something else you should know, the box comes with a $25 entry fee. You want to fish against all of us, head over to Fishing Chaos, download the app, look for MONSTERBASS. It's a free $25 entry. You're not a member, sorry, pay the $25 bucks and you can fish against us and win a thousand bucks. You are a member? It's free.

Speaker 1:
And here's the best part. You like any of these baits that came in the box. Here's the $10 gift card. Go buy more. Why? Because I got lots of them left and I'm giving them to you guys because you're MONSTERBASS subscribers and you love MONSTERBASS, as much as I love America. I want to say thank you for subscribing. Hope you're having the best summer ever. And if you're not a subscriber to MONSTERBASS, sign up today. You get to watch videos with me in them, and you get to get great baits, show up in the mail. Who doesn't love bass fishing stuff that shows up in the mail. It's cool. It's fun. And it's great. I'll talk to you later.

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