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June Unboxing | Topwater

June is topwater month! Our favorite month of the year!

Violent strikes. Epic blow-ups. Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like the surface-shattering explosion of topwater. And this month's box is loaded with everything you need for just about any topwater situation.

From tracing shade lines with a popper to targeting schools of big bass with a pencil bait, this month's Regional Pro Series is built to get you strike after topwater strike. This month, we lined up tips and tutorials from experts like Ty Berger, Mikey Balzz, Alex Rudd, Travis Manson, and stuffed the box with topwater assassins from Yo-Zuri, Yamamoto Baits, Razor Customs and so much more!

Whether you're new to bass fishing or looking to smash your PB, the MONSTERBASS Regional Pro Series bass fishing subscription is designed to help you become a better angler and put you on bigger bass more often. Each month, you'll receive a carefully crafted kit of baits hand-selected for where you live and fish, that highlights bass fishing's most tried and true techniques.

See which subscription program is right for you and use code SAVE15 at check out to get $15 off your first box!

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Video transcript:

Speaker 1:
What's up, guys? It's my favorite time of the month. That's right. My MONSTERBASS box arrived. Now, whether you're new to fishing or you just want to get better or you just want to get cool fishing stuff in the mail, MONSTERBASS is the subscription for you, right, Bower? And this month, it's all about top water. My favorite time of year. I mean, who doesn't love top water fishing? It's those blowups. It's that time of year when you get to see the fish jumping out of the water, it's the excitement of catching the fish, seeing the fish take that bait. This box is fully dedicated to it.

Speaker 1:
Let's open it up. As always, as always, we give you the guidebook. The guidebook breaks down the box. Five or six different lessons. And again, whether you're new or you just want to get better, I promise you're going to learn something each and every month. So we got the guidebook. We got your two or three different stickers. We've got your golden ticket. Golden ticket, you tune in live every Thursday. We break down the box. We give you a call in number so that you can ask questions about the baits that you receive. Individually numbered, we call your number? You win.

Speaker 1:
All right, let's talk about the baits. We start off with the Yo-Zuri pencil. This is a great top water. It's a floating bait. Perfect for walking the dog. You're going to love this bait. It's got sick finishes. And it's Yo-Zuri. I mean, who doesn't love Yo-Zuri? We follow that up with a brand new bait from MONSTERBASS, Ragnar. It's got a bigger profile than the Yo-Zuri. Still top water. This one's got a dressed rear treble, gives it something else for the fish to key in on. You're going to love it. And some of them come with a limited edition pattern.

Speaker 1:
What else? Wouldn't be top water time if we didn't have a frog, and this month we got the newest frog from the Vicious fishing line. It's the Pad Runner. It's a 60 millimeter frog. Perfect for this time of year. Toss that out, throw it across the lily pads. Blow it up.

Speaker 1:
Top water. When I think of top water, I also think of buzz baits and we partnered with Razor Custom Tackle. Now these guys are out of the Midwest, American made products, and these guys have been killing it on the local tournament scene. Bower, stay here. Bower's leaving.

Speaker 1:
Yeah, Razor Custom Tackle, killing it on the tournament scene in the Midwest. America made product. Love it. You're going to love it too. We followed it up with some Gary Yamamoto, Custom Baits or Yamamoto Baits as it now may be referred to. These are the Yama frogs. Yama frogs, you could use this as a trailer. You could rig this weedless so of course we hooked you up with the hooks that you need to rig this weedless. Perfect for this time of year. And then who doesn't love a good popper. We got two or three different kinds. We've got one from SteelShad. We've got this one's from BOOYAH. That's in the box.

Speaker 1:
And again, what we do to make it easy for you is we break it down. All of all the baits in the box pair with one another. We show you exactly how to use it, the proper rod, the reel, the line. And then we give you a video from some of the best teachers on the planet, whether it's Alex Rudd, whether it's Travis Manson, Chad Hoover. You name it, these guys are going to show you exactly what you need to do so that you have more success fishing top water. Because, listen, fishing's great, catching's better, and catching them on top water, well, there's nothing better than that. And so we break it all down for every bait in the box so that you know exactly what to do.

Speaker 1:
And like I said, if you got a question, tune in on Thursdays. We got a live call in show. You can ask any question you want. We've had everyone from Kevin VanDam to Brandon Palaniuk on the show, and you can ask them about the baits or you can ask them what their favorite snack is. It's totally up to you because it's your time. And we're just here to make sure that you learn as much as you want about the baits that you receive in the box.

Speaker 1:
And what's better than receiving a box once a month? Now this month, we're doing something a little bit different too. We're going to include a tournament entry fee. So the MONSTERBASS fishing tournament is going to start June 1st and it's $25 to enter. But as a MONSTERBASS subscriber, it's free for you to subscribe. We'll give you the code. You sign up on Fishing Chaos, head over to MONSTERBASS tournament, sign up. We're going to be awarding prizes for the best five fish, as well as the biggest fish. It's a month long tournament. You get to put the skills to the test, see if you win some cash and prizes. So if you're new to MONSTERBASS or you're thinking about it, head over to, check out the subscription boxes that we've got. It's easy, delivered to your door and you're going to learn something each and every month, probably have a ton of fun. Only from your friends at MONSTERBASS.

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